Battery Chemistries for Automotive Applications

Recent Advancements in Battery Chemistries

June 4-5, 2018 | Del Coronado | San Diego, CA


To create safe and affordable batteries for automotive applications, battery materials and chemistries must be optimized. The Battery Chemistries for Automotive Applications Symposium, part of this year’s Advanced Automotive Battery Conference will bring together leading material R&D professionals from industry, government and academia to discuss the current challenges of Li-ion batteries. Case studies highlighting advancements in both electrode and electrolyte chemistry will be shared. In addition to improvements in Li-ion chemistries, the Chemistry Symposium will also discuss the economic value of advanced lithium and non-lithium technologies.

Preliminary Agenda


The Battery500 Project - Assessing Critical Pathways to Next-Generation High Energy Safe Lithium Batteries

Shirley Meng, PhD, Professor, Director, NanoEngineering & Energy Center, University of San Diego

Solvay_horizontalTalk Title to be Announced

Dominick Cangiano, PhD, MBA, Technical Business Development Manager, SOLVAY


Life Time and Raw Material Access of Alternative Cell Chemistries

Andreas Hintennach, PhD, Professor, Research HV Battery Systems, Daimler AG

Beyond Lithium, Novel Lithium Sulfur System and Lithium Superoxide Close System

Khalil Amine, PhD, Manager, Advanced Battery Technology, Argonne National Laboratory

Lithium/Air and Lithium/Sulfur Battery Technology

Steve Visco, PhD, CEO & CTO, PolyPlus Battery Co.

Na-Layer Oxides as Positive Electrode for Na-Batteries

Claude Delmas, PhD, Director Emeritus of Research, ICMCB CNRS

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