AABC Returns to Asia

AABC’s events bring together a global audience of chief battery technologists from leading automotive OEMs and their key suppliers to present development trends, share breakthrough technologies, and project the scope of the market for years to come.

We are excited to return to Japan in 2018 with an event that promises to build on the success of our US and European events, while focusing on the unique drivers, needs, and challenges of the diverse Asian market.

With sessions spanning research and development findings in novel battery chemistries and new approaches to cell and pack engineering, as well as applied technologies in the next generation of electric and hybrid vehicles, AABC Asia is an invaluable opportunity to discover the latest trends, technology and market information. The Call for Papers will open in January.

Highlights & Feedback from the Inaugural Event

“Outstanding support by Japanese OEM representatives and many suppliers.”
- Ford Motor Company

“AABC is always a great conference to get a flavor of the battery xEV/HEV market trends.”

“Excellent battery degradation topics and BMS.”

- Mazda Motor Company

Michael Lord

Michael Lord of Toyota discussed the impact of California’s Zero Emission Vehicle regulations

Minoru Noguchi

Honda’s Minoru Noguchi co-chaired a session on batteries for high-voltage HEVs and PHEVs

Takeshi Miyamoto

Nissan’s engineering director, Takeshi Miyamoto, explored the optimizing trade-offs of battery characteristic

Menahem Anderman

Dr. Anderman analyzed the ingredients of Tesla’s success to date and its potential impact on the xEV battery supply chain

Ted Miller

Ted Miller of Ford discussed advanced Li-Ion recharge energy-storage systems within the context of safety performance

Bill Wallace

Bill Wallace of GM explored battery targets for future EVs and PHEVs


Mo Hua Yang explored recent development for 18650 Li-Ion batteries for EV/LEV applications

Monique Richards

Monique Richard of Toyota discussed SAE xEV battery standards and activities

Poster Session

Attendees gathered to review the R&D findings presented in the poster sessions

AABC Asia Attendee Demographics

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