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Advanced Automotive Battery Conferences

AABC Europe 2011 – Sponsors & affiliates

signature sponsor
Toyota Motor Company  
keystone sponsor
SK innovation
SK innovation is the leading Korean provider of energy and chemical products, with sales of US$36 billion in 2008. Established in 1962, SK Energy is there to answer customer needs through its involvement in a wide variety of business fields. In particular, the R & D sector, designated as the next generation growth engine, is working to create future technology-driven world class businesses. The development of battery systems for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) is one of its major R & D activities. SK Energy is ready to take on the world as a truly global corporation.

diamond sponsors
Hitachi Chemical with SGL GROUP
Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is an innovating global chemical company with approximately 15,300 employees on a consolidated basis. Fiscal 2009 (ended March 31, 2010) consolidated sales totaled 455.3 billion yen ($5.0 billion). Hitachi Chemical offers a diverse range of products, including Electronics Related Products and Advanced Performance Products with several products with the world's leading market share. Hitachi Chemical began manufacturing and sales of anode materials in 1998 and holds global top market share. As lithium-ion batteries have rapidly become widespread as secondary batteries allowing development of high performance and multifunctional portable devices. In addition, applications as power sources for hybrid and electric vehicles have drown much public attention. Hitachi Chemical has established an extensive and solid patent network for our anode materials in Japan and abroad concerning their structure, physical properties and applications. For use in motor vehicles, the Company has also developed graphite-based anode materials that enable high energy density, as well as amorphous carbon anode materials with excellent input characteristics. In addition, Hitachi Chemical has enabled the balancing of long life and a high level of safety in batteries by stabilizing anode material surfaces and internal structures against electrolytes and temperature. Multiple customers in Japan and abroad are already using them.
In light of growing demand, the Company plans to increase capacity several times in Japan during the next few years. It will invest approximately 10 billion yen in this effort. Hitachi Chemical will work to maintain the world's leading market share in the field of carbon anode materials for lithium ion batteries for vehicles by aggressively expanding production capacity.
SGL Group – The Carbon Company: SGL Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of carbon-based products. It has a comprehensive portfolio ranging from carbon and graphite products to carbon fibers and composites. SGL Group's core competencies are its expertise in high-temperature technology as well as its applications and engineering know-how gained over many years. These competencies enable the Company to make full use of its broad material base. SGL Group's carbon-based materials combine several unique properties such as electrical and thermal conductivity, heat and corrosion resistance as well as high mechanical strength combined with low weight. Due to the paradigm shift in the use of materials as a result of the worldwide shortage of energy and raw materials, there is a growing demand for SGL Group's high-performance materials and products from an increasing number of industries. One example is the joint venture with BMW Group for the manufacturing of carbon fibers and fabrics for the use in the ultra light weight Megacity Vehicle.  In cooperation with Hitachi Chemical Corp. SGL Group will make use of its broad production and technology expertise in Europe to provide anode materials to satisfy the growing demand for lithium-ion batteries, which is driven by the introduction of electric vehicles as well as the stationary batteries, i.e. for solar and wind power plants in Europe.
With more than 40 production sites in Europe, North America and Asia as well as a service network covering more than 100 countries, SGL Group is a company with a global presence. In 2009, the Company's workforce of around 6,000 generated sales of €1,226 billion. The Company's head office is located in Wiesbaden/Germany.

gold sponsors
Automotive Energy Supply Corporation
Automotive Energy Supply Corporation (AESC), established as a joint venture company in 2007 by Nissan Motor and NEC Group, is a leading supplier of Li-ion battery for automotive application.
Through continuous research, development and evaluation over 20 years by Nissan and NEC Group, AESC's Lithium-ion battery for automotive application has reached to real-world, mass-produced, practical technology for electric driving. The most recent result is the battery supplied to Nissan for its innovative pure electric vehicle, LEAF.
Establishing excellent performance with reliable quality, competitive cost and mass production capability, AESC now aims for offering the advanced lithium-ion battery products for global customers for various applications in electric mobility.

Celgard, LLC
Celgard, LLC is a global leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of specialty battery separators serving the high energy lithium market. With a track record of over 30 years of industry excellence, Celgard is recognized as a reliable supplier of innovative solutions. Celgard's extensive manufacturing and development capabilities provide a sound platform for new membrane development for emerging applications. Celgard and its sister company, Daramic, comprise the Energy Storage Division of Polypore, Inc., a global leader in microporous membrane technology for high performance separation and filtration processes.

Maccor, Inc.
Maccor Inc. was the pioneer, and is the world’s largest commercial manufacturer of Automated Test Systems adaptable to a wide range of products (i.e. batteries, super-capacitors, fuel cells, etc.) and battery chemistries. The founders of Maccor designed and built their first computer based test system in 1983. Maccor’s range of equipment not only provides standard discharge and cycle testing but is capable of sophisticated pulse testing, together with high-speed data acquisition and interface with smart battery packs. In addition, cyclic voltammetry, 3-electrode, and AC Impedance experiments can be performed. Maccor also supplies cell formation equipment for a variety of cell formats and sizes. Today Maccor has over 1,700 systems in more than 40 countries with local sales and customer support services available in many areas.

MEGTEC Systems, Inc
MEGTEC Systems is a global turnkey supplier of custom single-side or simultaneous two-side coating and drying and environmental solutions for applications such as lithium-ion battery electrodes, photovoltaic cells, battery separators, solar films, membranes, clean room processes, and many more. MEGTEC’s capabilities include complete solutions for the production of advanced web-based materials including raw material handling, coating/slurry mixing and fluid delivery, web handling, coating and drying, solvent recovery and purification, calendaring and slitting.
MEGTEC’s R&D center located in its De Pere, Wisconsin, USA facility offers customers the ability to test, develop and improve processes by evaluating system variables and components. The pilot line includes mixing capabilities for preparation of slurry mixtures, multiple coating methods, 3-zone dryer for a wide range of substrates and tensions, plasma treater for foil substrates, and on-line coating thickness measurement and tracking.
MEGTEC also offers a simple, easy-to-use coating line designed for short production runs, developed specifically for companies who are involved in the development and testing of lithium-ion battery and other advanced battery coating formulations.
In addition, MEGTEC offers a complete range of pollution control equipment consisting of oxidizers and solvent recovery systems. MEGTEC offers proprietary systems for high efficiency removal and recovery, dehydration and purification of N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP) and N-Ethylpyrrolidone (NEP) from coating lines exhaust air streams in the lithium-ion battery manufacturing process.
Contact: Jim Nennig, +1-800-558-5535 or +1-920-337-1529 or by emailing, Find out more about MEGTEC at

Invest in Saxony Anhalt
Investitions- und Marketinggesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt mbH, (IMG) is the business location and marketing agency of Saxony-Anhalt. IMG staff provides all services related to new business sites. In addition, we are marketing Saxony-Anhalt both nationally and internationally and developing tourism concepts.
We search our site and property database with 250+ industrial and trade estates for a location tailored to your needs. We provide competent and individual advice for greenfield and brownfield sites, office properties or production halls. First site information provided within 24 hours. Arrangement of site visits take place following your preliminary selection. We can advise you on public grant programmes for investments, identify potential partners and arrange meetings with them. We identify a point of contact for you with the public authorities, coordinate and carry out negotiations for you on a federal state, state district and municipal level as well as with official bodies and institutions. We were assigned by the Ministry for Economics and Labour of Saxony-Anhalt to guide you as a one-stop agency through the investment process.
Our services are free of charge for you!

silver sponsors
ANSYS, Inc., founded in 1970, develops and globally markets engineering simulation software and technologies widely used by engineers, designers, researchers and students across a broad spectrum of industries and academia. The company focuses on the development of open and flexible solutions that enable users to analyze designs directly on the desktop, providing a common platform for fast, efficient and cost-conscious product development, from design concept to final-stage testing and validation.
In evaluating and optimizing the various thermal management configurations of batteries, parameterization and methods such as design of experiments are used in combination with ANSYS® CFD solvers for analyzing the complex 3-D cooling flows and conjugate (solid-to-fluid) heat transfer. For evaluating pack performance for long driving cycles, ANSYS CFD and Simplorer® technologies can be used together in a linear time invariant (LTI) method for efficiently performing such real-time simulations. Engineers can use Simplorer in evaluating the control algorithms for studying overcharging, high-current charging/discharging, external shorts or other electrical problems that could reduce battery life and risk battery explosion. The software is ideal for studying such algorithms due to its ability to tightly integrate 3-D physical models (fluid dynamics and mechanical) into the control circuit simulation.

Bolloré is a company founded in 1822, on the edge of Odet, in Brittany, France. It was first a paper mill. Since 1960, Bolloré has delivered PP film for power capacitors, and in 1991 it started a new activity concerning Superpacitors and batteries application.
Today, Bolloré is a 33 000 people company, based in 120 countries. The 2009 turnover was 8,0 Mds € (7,3 Mds € in 2008) Activities are:
  • Industry
  • International logistic
  • Energy distribution
  • Communication & media
  • Managements of agro-industrials shares and participations

The Plastic Film Division is the worldwide leader for polypropylene capacitors film. It is a specialist in ultra thin film extrusion and in PP film metallization. The division has 5 plants in Europe, USA and Canada.
BOLLORE, Plastic Film Division, is now producing a microporous polypropylen film (BPF) dedicated to companies offering Energy Storage Solutions.
BPF is a microporous polypropylene film, used for Li-batteries & supercapacitors applications.
Main characteristics are:

  • High Porosity separator
  • Thin Separator (15µ – 20µ)
  • Low Rs
  • Electrochemical stability
  • Low Energy Storage System ageing
  • Perfect electrical isolation
  • Battery Dentrites stopped
  • Batteries in operation stopped by heating (<= 150°C)"


CD-adapco is the world's largest independent CFD focused CAE provider. Our core products are the technology-leading simulation packages, STAR-CCM+ and STAR-CD. The scope of our activities, however, extends well beyond CFD software development to encompass a wide range of CAE engineering services in CFD and FEA.

We have over 30 years of experience in delivering industrial strength engineering simulation to a wide range of industries and application areas. We have over 7000 users of our software, working at 3000 different companies, spending in total over $105 million on our software and services. Growing organically at a rate of over 16% per year, CD-adapco employs over 400 talented individuals, working at 21 different offices across the globe, involved in dedicated support, software development and engineering services, each of whom is dedicated to ensuring the success of our clients.


Chemetall, a part of Rockwood Holdings, Inc., is a global specialty chemicals company. The Lithium Division of Chemetall is the world's leading supplier of a broad range of lithium based compounds and provides the battery industry with a range of lithium metals and salts for a variety of battery applications. Chemetall Lithium has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Chile, Germany, and Taiwan. Chemetall is the only lithium producer with two operating lithium resources, located in Chile and the United States.

Digatron/Firing Circuits
Digatron Firing Circuits is an international group of companies with engineering, manufacturing and service facilities located in Germany, the United States and China.
Digatron Firing Circuits develops and manufactures computer-controlled test and formation equipment for all kinds of batteries, ranging from batteries for mobile phones to automotive batteries up to huge submarine batteries. Also for other kinds of electrical energy storage devices like fuel cells, supercaps and hybrid systems Digatron Firing Circuits supplies high dynamic test and load simulation systems.
The combination of heavy duty power electronics in linear or switch mode technology along with digital controllers, data acquisition and a comprehensive management software on top, is what makes Digatron Firing Circuits unique in this field.

DJK Europe GmbH
"Innovating Energy Equipment Technology for Tomorrow". We are DJK Europe GmbH and this is our commitment. Our EES Division was created to provide a complete solution for manufacturing equipment needed to produce various Energy Storage and Converting Technologies including Lithium Ion, Ultracapacitors, Fuel Cells, and Solar Cells. DJK-EES provides equipment solutions for the Materials Manufacturing, Electrode Manufacturing, and Cell Assembly Processes. We look forward to supporting your application. Along with our partner manufacturers with experience and dedication to provide cutting edge equipment technology, our goal is to provide you with a total solution to match and exceed your expectations.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology International
First published in 1995, and now sent twice a year to over 30,000 key specifiers and decision-makers throughout the global OE electric drive industry, Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology International is firmly established as the world’s leading international showcase for technology and innovation in electric, hybrid and fuel-cell vehicle

Johnson Controls
Johnson Controls Power Solutions is the global leader in lead-acid starter batteries, advanced lead-acid batteries for Start-Stop vehicles and Lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles. Its 35 manufacturing facilities supply more than one third of the world's lead-acid batteries to major auto makers and aftermarket retailers. Through its innovations we are building the advanced battery industry for hybrid and electric vehicles. Its joint venture, Johnson Controls-Saft, is the first company in the world to produce lithium-ion batteries for mass production hybrid vehicles. The company's commitment to sustainability is evidenced by its world-class technology, manufacturing and recycling capabilities.

M+W Group
M+W Group is the leading global partner for engineering, construction and project management in the fields of Advanced Technology Facilities, the Life Science Industries, Energy & Environment Technologies and High-Tech Infrastructure.
From concept development to turnkey services the company manages projects of all sizes ensuring flexibility, rapid realization and cost-effective completion. With its competence to link process technology, automation and complex facilities to integrated solutions M+W Group primarily focuses on leading electronics, life science, photovoltaic, chemical, automobile and communication companies, as well as research institutes and universities. M+W Group GmbH is the holding company with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.
In the field of Lithium-Ion cell factory design M+W Group offers:
  • Modular concepts for large-scale production
  • Optimized equipment and facility layout
  • Cost-saving measures for high competitiveness
  • Cost of ownership simulation

Competitive Large Scale Factories for Li-Ion Batteries
Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, the global engineering and construction company M+W Group has been developing, planning and commissioning lithium-ion battery factories for the international automotive and battery industry since 2008. The M+W Group is committed to significantly cutting costs associated with manufacturing lithium-ion batteries while ensuring high-quality production, which is key to long battery life and a high level of battery safety.
M+W Group's new modular factory concept for cost-effective, competitive volume production addresses precisely these points. Several manufacturing steps are consolidated in a single facility. These include slurry preparation for electrodes, anode and cathode coating, electrode and separator assembly, and electrolyte filling. These processes are followed by electrical formation and conditioned storage in the factory. Several manufacturing steps require very low humidity, constant temperatures and special fire-protection measures.
M+W Group's customers benefit from the company's extensive expertise in planning and constructing highly complex high-tech factories around the world, including for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries.

Contact: Dr. Rudolf Simon, +49-711-8804-1101 or by emailing . Find out more about M+W Group at

UBE INDUSTRIES, LTD, founded in 1897, in Ube city, Japan, is an innovating global company with approximately 11,100 employees and $ 5.5 billion net sales on a consolidated basis (Fiscal 2010 ). Among UBE's diversified products, UBE has a well-established position as a manufacturer of electrolytes and separators for LiBs. Here, its solid reputation in electrolytes for technology development, product quality and reliability as a leading manufacturer of high performance consumer-use products, and in separators for UBE dry manufacturing process that enables cost competitiveness and safety, is fueling high expectations from the market.
UBE's electrolyte technology is derived from the unprecedented commercial production of dimethyl carbonate (DMC), which is originated from revolutionary process without using toxic chlorine compound, phosgene. Now UBE produces several carbonates from this high purity DMC. Based on these high purity carbonates, UBE established a new technology of high purity additives to enhance the performance of LiBs. There was little interest in this area when UBE first commenced R&D, but in 1997 UBE attracted worldwide attention when it succeeded in developing the world's first Functional Electrolytes. Functional Electrolytes developed by UBE play an essential role in everyday life through their use not only in a wide range of electronic information devices but also for electric-powered vehicles.

Vision Battery
Vision Group is one of the largest manufacturers of batteries in the world. Our products are classified into two categories: Valve-Regulated Lead Acid Battery and Lithium-ion Battery. The VRLA Battery includes AGM series, Deep Cycle series, Pure Lead series and Gel series, the Lithium-ion Battery covers Lithium cobalt oxide series, Lithium manganese oxide series and Lithium iron phosphate series.
Vision Group was founded in1994 and his headquarter is in Shenzhen. It is one of the largest and the first one to develop and commercialize the VRLA Battery with brand name VISION in China. After 16 years of development, Vision has two industrial  locations in Shenzhen and Vietnam, which cover the area of 250,000㎡. Today, we have more than 2,500 employees,the total production capacity is more than 3,000,000 KVAH per year.
Vision Group is committed to keep the high quality of products and provide perfect service, to be able to meet always their customers' needs. Vision Group has a powerful global sales network. Currently, its sales and service engineers are active in more than 100 countries.
At present, Vision Group sticks to the principle of "technology is the core and value-added service is crucial", and continues its development to become world-class enterprise.

Zeon globally plays an important role in the high polymer chemistry fields. Founded in April 1950 in Japan, Zeon Corporation has steadily grown and realized in the fiscal year 2010 net sales of ca. 2 billion Euro with 2815 employees. Zeon operates productions plants in Japan, Asia, USA, and Europe, and the business in Europe is run by Zeon Europe GmbH, located in Düsseldorf, Germany. Zeon's product families are based on the C4 and C5 chemical intermediates. These include the speciality synthetic elastomers and lattices for applications in various industries, among them automotive, chemical, engineering, energy industries. Polymerized toner and Cyclo Olefin Polymers are derived from low environmental risk materials and developed for new markets such as information technology, medical, optical, and bio technology applications. Zeon will be present on the AABC Conference at Mainz; Germany, (6th. to 9th. June 2011) to present unique binders for lithium ion rechargeable battery electrodes and battery sealants derived from Zeon's innovative polymer technology. Zeon's flexible binders are targeted for the next generation of Lithium Ion Batteries (LIB) to achieve significant improvements such as lower resistivity, higher capacity retention, and longer cycle life.

media partner
Batteries + Energy Storage Technology
Energy Storage Publishing ltd currently produces the leading business- to business magazines covering all aspects of the battery industry —from lead-acid through to lithium ion. Batteries and Energy Storage Technology (BEST magazine), first published in 2003 is the flagship title covering all aspects of battery manufacture testing and design. Its sister title, Chinese BEST, is unique in providing a mirror publication for 3000 decision makers in the People's Republic, in Mandarin Chinese. ESPL's latest offering launched here at AABC— EV land sea and air takes the company's expertise a stage further in presenting core EV technology to the vehicular end users.

A global chemical company and France's leading chemicals producer, Arkema is building the future of the chemical industry every day. Deploying a responsible, innovation-based approach, we produce state-of-the-art specialty chemicals that provide customers with practical solutions to such challenges as climate change, access to drinking water, the future of energy, fossil fuel preservation and the need for lighter materials. With operations in more than 40 countries, 14,000 employees and 8 research centers, Arkema generates annual revenue of €5.9 billion and holds leadership positions in all its markets with a portfolio of internationally recognized brands. The world is our inspiration.

Boston-Power, Inc. is an award-winning global provider of next generation, rechargeable lithium-ion battery systems that deliver dependable cycle life, fast charge, multiple independent safety features, and environmental sustainability at one of the highest energy densities available in the industry today. With 150 patents filed globally, our battery cells, modules and systems are capable of powering end applications ranging from the electrification of transportation, to utility energy storage and portable power. Boston-Power Swing® and Sonata® batteries are in mass production today in one of the world's most advanced manufacturing facilities. Founded in 2005, Boston-Power is headquartered outside of Boston, Massachusetts, with Six Sigma mass production operationsin Asia. Visit us in Booth #39.

C3 Prozess- und Analysentechnik GmbH
C3 was founded in February 1986 in the field of analytical instrumentation with focus on thermal analysis and calorimetry. During the years the portfolio was expanded i.e. in the field of electrochemistry, sample preparation and high pressure reactor systems. We are responsible for sales, support and application consulting. After Sales Support is decisive for us. Today we offer a range of specific products for chemical, pharmaceutical, fine chemical and material science application in the field of:
  • Electrochemistry
  • Adiabatic Calorimetry (Safety, Batteries)
  • Thermal Properties Measurements
  • Sample Preparation
  • Mixing Technology
  • Cement Calorimetry
  • Glass Pilot Plants
  • Pressure Reactor Systems

Our sales territory covers Germany, Austria and Switzerland and for some product lines also East European Countries. Our customers come from industry as well as from universities and research institutes. Among them are the most important companies and institutes in Europe.

EL-CELL provides scientists and professionals with lab-scale electrochemical equipment for battery electrode manufacture and testing – with the main focus on lithium ion battery chemistry.          
  • electrochemical test cells
  • electrochemical dilatometer
  • high precision cutting pliers
  • tools and accessories
  • complete systems


Technology, which always knows the ideal method to use: These are our testing, assembling and diagnostic systems for fuel cells and batteries. Innovative engineering made in Germany, based on years of experience in automated testing and assembling processes. Our test stations and diagnostic equipment can be operated completely automatically and unattended. We stand for intensive quality management and the most stringent safety standards, for commitment in service and close consultation with our customer. Worldwide: With our offices in Europe, North America and Asia, we are always available.
Our Evaluator-B series: fully automated test systems, specially designed to meet the requirements of modern batteries and energy management systems. The test stations are used to test small and large batteries, as well as battery systems for electric vehicles or hybrid electric vehicles (EV, HEV). This also includes evaluation of batteries with freely definable test and user profiles and specific load cycles such as Dynamic Stress Test (DST) or Hybrid Pulse Power Characterization (HPPC). Our modular design contains air or water cooled cyclization channels for charge / discharge operations within any power range, defined tempering of the test item and several test chambers, including safety equipment. With this, you can perform fully automated test runs up to Hazard Level 7. With the EPCD technology (Energy Pump Charging / Discharging) we have an intelligent concept for minimizing energy consumption in battery test fields.

Global Leader in Electric Vehicle Testing and Battery Evaluation
With over 50 years of experience in automotive testing and battery evaluation, Intertek helps keep you up to speed with changing vehicle technologies.
  • Battery cells , modules and packs
  • Charging stations, cordsets, plugs and ancillary components


Our comprehensive advisory and testing services include:
  • Independent performance and product safety testing & certification
  • Assessment and selection of best fit solutions
  • Reliability, safety and failure analysis

Meet our experts in Booth No 59.
Together we can find the solution you need for your business. Welcome!
Europe: +46 8 750 00 00
North America: +1 800 967-5352
Asia Pacific: +86 21 6127-8200

JSR Micro N.V.
JSR is offering a water based SBR-binder for rechargeable battery electrodes. JSR has different grades available of styrene butadiene co-polymer latex for use as a binder in different energy storage technologies like Lithium Ion Batteries, Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries and Supercapacitors. JSR binder is excelling in increased adhesion properties which results in reduced binder loading. Furthermore, low delamination of the electrode layer during roll pressing provides improved productivity. The technology makes cost efficient and environment friendly battery manufacturing possible.
JSR Micro N.V., based in Leuven, Belgium, is a subsidiary of JSR Corporation, a multinational company employing over 5000 people worldwide and a leading materials supplier in a variety of technology driven markets. JSR is a research-oriented organization that pursues close collaborations with leading innovators in a number of industries that are key to the present and future welfare of human society.

Kemet Electronics Italia s.r.l., producers of Arcotronics machinery is a recognized leading supplier of lithium ion, lithium polymer, and supercapacitor cell assembly production equipment.
Arcotronics' machinery involvement with lithium based technologies spans more than 20 years in engineering, development, and fabrication for six sigma based semiautomatic and automatic equipment supporting various cell shapes (cylindrical, prismatic spiral wound, and stacked) and sizes (Bluetooth, cell phone, lap top, and HEV/PHEV). Processes supported include cell assembly, packaging, and electrolyte filling.
The Machinery Company (US owned) is located in Sasso Marconi (Bologna - ITALY) with direct support locally in the regions of Europe, North America, Japan, Korea, China, India, and Singapore.

Magna E-Car Systems GmbH & Co. OG
Magna E-Car Systems, a partnership between Magna International and the Stronach Group, serves as the gateway to Magna's diversified range of hybrid and electric vehicle capabilities. Magna E-Car Systems delivers innovative solutions for future mobility while increasing current capabilities, which include the ability to develop, manufacture, and integrate a wide range of hybrid and electric components and total vehicle systems.
Please visit our website

Manz Automation AG
Passion for efficiency
Manz Automation AG, based at Reutlingen/Germany (ISIN: DE000A0JQ5U3), is a globally leading high-tech mechanical engineering company. The company, which was founded in 1987, has developed over recent years from an automation specialist into a provider of integrated production lines for the photovoltaic industry (crystalline and thin film), and for the manufacturing of flat screens. The development and manufacturing of production systems for lithium-ion batteries comprises a new business area. The Group of companies, which is managed by founder Dieter Manz, and which has been listed on the Germany stock market since 2006, currently manufactures in Germany, China, Taiwan, Slovakia and Hungary. There are also distribution and service branches in the USA, South Korea, India and Spain. The company employed around 1,750 staff as of the end of 2010, 800 of whom are located in Asia. Revenue in the past financial year amounted to more than EUR 181 million. With their new "passion for efficiency" claim, Manz express their service commitment to provide ever more efficient production systems to their customers that operate in important sectors of the future.
Public Relations contact global:
Manz Automation AG
Axel Bartmann
Tel.: +49 (0)7121 – 9000-395
Fax: +49 (0)7121 – 9000-99

PEC Corporation
For its global customer base, PEC offers completely integrated logistics, manufacturing, and testing solutions. PEC's Energy Storage Division has become one of the key technology suppliers to the fast growing battery market for hybrid and electric vehicles. PEC delivers the building blocks for the development and manufacturing of advanced energy storage cells and modules. PEC's offerings include laboratory testers, automated cell finishing lines (formation, degassing, ageing, grading), as well as inline production test systems. For more information please visit

Thermal Hazard Technology, a world leader in battery calorimetry and heat measurement, has expanded and modified its product range to meet the evolving requirements of the EV lithium battery market. With offices in UK, USA and Asia, THT manufactures, promotes and supports the complete calorimeter product range and offers a contract testing service for all your lithium battery thermal management and thermal safety requirements.
Thermal Hazard Technology
1 North House, Bond Avenue
Bletchley, MK1 1SW
Tel: +44 1908 646800 Fax: +44 1908 645209

SB LiMotive
The joint venture SB LiMotive Co. Ltd. was founded in 2008 by Samsung SDI and Bosch in order to develop and manufacture lithium-ion batteries ready for series-production for use in hybrid and electric vehicles. Both companies each have a 50 percent stake in SB LiMotive and are investing some 500 million US dollars in total until 2013. The company with locations in Giheung and Ulsan (Korea), Stuttgart (Germany), Orion and Springboro (USA) currently employs some 850 associates. SB LiMotive is developing lithium-ion batteries for the whole range of hybrid and electric vehicles. Scalable, modular systems and flexible interfaces allow integration into diverse powertrain concepts with high safety and quality standards along the value chain being main features. Samsung SDI contributes its large-volume production experience and competence in lithium-ion cell production to this partnership and Bosch brings in its wealth of expertise from the automotive industry. The German-Korean joint venture is planning to start series-production of cells used in hybrid vehicles by end of 2011 and cells used in electric vehicles by 2012.

SCHOTT Electronic Packaging GmbH
SCHOTT Electronic Packaging (EP) is a leading manufacturer of housings and other components for the reliable, long-lasting protection of lithium-ion and lithium-primary batteries as well as other sensitive electronics. With 1,500 employees at 5 production locations and several competence centers around the world, local customer support and co-developments are at the heart of the business. Besides its core technologies of glass- and ceramic sealing, SCHOTT now also supplies glass-to-aluminum sealing solutions to the automotive as well as other demanding industries.

Scienlab electronic systems GmbH
Scienlab electronic systems provides development services for test technology for innovative vehicle components and analogue and digital M&C technology focusing on customized solutions for automotive and industrial applications.
Our core competence lies within the development and production of test and verification systems for automotive applications. The battery test systems from Scienlab has been designed for characterization and verification of any high voltage energy storage devices, BMS, inverter or electric machines. Due to the high degree of innovation the battery test systems make a contribution to the development of future hybrid vehicle components.
Our battery test systems may be applied in the fields of research and development as well as in production processes. Thanks to their modular structure, the test systems stand out by precise measuring and control units equipped with highly efficient IGBT technology with optimized performance while regenerative by bidirectional current supply. The pertaining Scienlab EnergyStorageDiscover - ESD II. PC software allows for convenient compilation and exact parameterization of varied test sequences offering the user high degrees of freedom. The open system structure allows for easy integration of further external system components such as the BMS of energy storage, climatic chamber or the superordinated safety concept (EUCAR Level 7).

Süd-Chemie & Phostech Lithium
Süd-Chemie has been founded in 1857 in Heufeld, Germany. One of the founders was a famous German chemist, Justus von Liebig. The Süd-Chemie Group had a turnover of roughly 1,22 billion Euro in 2010 with a little more than 6.500 employees.
Süd-Chemie has developed a special process to produce LiFePO4 and got IP rights on this process. Phostech Lithium is a 100% daughter of Süd-Chemie and is licensee of the Goodenough patents. The battery activities at Süd-Chemie / Phostech comprise of LiFePO4-Life Power® as cathode material and Li4Ti5O12 as anode material. New materials are in development.
Production takes place in Montreal, Canada and in Moosburg, Germany. In Q3 2011 the first large scale production of Life Power® P2 with a total capacity of 2.400 mtons per year will commence.
LiFePO4 is the latest cathode material showing big promise especially in the use of large traction batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles. The outstanding feature of LiFePO4 is its inherent safety. Unless Nickel and Cobald the phosphate does not dissociate when the temperature rises above 230°C and release the oxygen. Further it has been proven that the cyclability of LiFePO4 is clearly superior to all alternative materials.

Targray Technology International
Founded in 1989, Targray Technology is a leading global supplier of cutting-edge materials to manufacturers of Lithium-ion (Li-ion) cells and batteries. Leveraging over 20 years of experience in supplying novel materials to high-technology industries, Targray brings globally competitive, advanced performance battery materials to its manufacturing customers at a competitive cost. Our extensive product portfolio includes Lithium Carbonate, Lithium Hydroxide, Graphite, Graphene, Aqueous & PVDF Binder, Copper Foils and Aluminum Foils. In addition, we offer high quality PE & PP Separators, Electrolyte Solutions and Battery Packaging Materials, such as Prismatic and Pouch Cells. Targray is a global company with operations and customers in over 50 countries throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas.
Materials matter. Find out how Targray can help optimize your battery performance. For more information about Targray visit us at

TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity is a global, $12.1 billion company that designs and manufactures over 500,000 products that connect and protect the flow of power and data inside the products that touch every aspect of our lives. Our nearly 100,000 employees partner with customers in virtually every industry—from consumer electronics, energy and healthcare, to automotive, aerospace and communication networks—enabling smarter, faster, better technologies to connect products to possibilities. More information on TE Connectivity can be found at
Press Contact     Danièle Joecker
Manager MarCom - EMEA
Tel. +49 (0)30 311 727 444
Fax +49 (0)30 311 727 491
    Tyco Electronics AMP GmbH
a TE Connectivity Ltd. company
TE Relay Products
Tempelhofer Weg 62
12347 Berlin

Wildcat Discovery Technologies
WILDCAT DISCOVERY TECHNOLOGIES is involved in the high throughput discovery and development of new materials for rechargeable and primary batteries. Wildcat scientists use proprietary high throughput equipment and advanced electrochemical assays to accelerate breakthrough battery materials discoveries. At present, Wildcat can synthesize and test over 1,500 unique battery material compositions in half, full or three electrode cells every week. All materials are synthesized in bulk form, formulated into electrodes, assembled into cells and then tested in actual batteries. This massively parallel approach in real devices is unique in the world and allows Wildcat to evaluate thousands of new cathode, anode, electrolyte, and formulation combinations. As a result, Wildcat is accelerating its corporate partners' quest to dramatically improve battery performance and reduce related costs.
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