Partial List of Poster Titles

  • AEM Components USA, Inc.: Importance of Reliable Circuit Protection as a Safety Measure in Automotive Applications
  • DHBW Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim: Online-Simulation and Its Parameter Estimation for E-Vehicle Batteries and Their Dependence on Temperature, C-Rate and SOC
  • Electra Vehicles, Inc.: Dual-Chemistry Energy Storage Design and Control Software for Next Generation xEVs
  • Exponent, Inc.: Understanding Degradation of Lithium-Ion Battery Performance
  • FMC Corporation: Technologies and Materials to Enable Advanced Anode and Cathode Materials
  • Forge Nano: Atomic Layer Deposition: A Scalable Process for Enabling the Next Generation of High Performance Materials
  • Haldor Topsøe A/S: Development of High Voltage Li[1.0]Ni[0.5]Mn[1.5]O[4]
  • Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation: Validating Material Purity Using X-Ray Technology to Safeguard Against Catastrophic LiB Failure
  • Hitachi, Ltd.: Battery-Lifetime Extension for Low-Cost EVs Using Combined Battery System
  • HORIBA Scientific: Improved Battery Performance and Reliability Through Multiple and Rugged Spectroscopic Materials Characterization
  • Institut VEDECOM: Economic Implications of Lithium Ion Battery Degradation for Vehicle-To-Grid (V2X) Services
  • Iowa State University: Online Estimation of Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Myongji University: Spatial Distribution of Heat Generation in a Lithium Ion Battery Pouch Cell
  • Myongji University: Analysis of Thermal Behavior and Improvement of Performance of Lithium-Ion Battery by Tab-Heating at Low Temperature
  • National Forensic Service: A Case Study on the Fire of Battery Module (Case Analysis)
  • NICE America: In-Operando Optical Microscopy and Vertex Delay Cyclic Voltammetry for Direct Observation of Lithium Dendrite Regimes
  • Northern Arizona University: Solid-State Polymer Electrolytes with a Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Epoxy Resin Polymer Host
  • Northern Arizona University: Structural Material with Intrinsic Power Storage Capability for Use in Hybrid Electrochemical Systems
  • Ohio State University: State-of-Health Based Load Sharing Strategy in Vehicle-to-Grid Systems
  • P3 North America, Inc.: Potential in Synergy of Automotive and Aviation Battery Development
  • Seoul National University: A Life Model of Lithium-Ion Battery Considering Electrolyte Dry-Out
  • Seoul National University: Effects of Thermal Imbalance in LIB Pack Systems on Capacity Fade Studied by a Multi-Physics Model
  • SiILion, Inc.: Re-Energizing the Silicon Anode: A New Approach to the Highest Energy Li-Ion System
  • South 8 Technologies, Inc.: Liquefied Gas Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries
  • University of Texas at Austin: Patents on Electrochemical Energy Storage
  • Wildcat Discovery Technologies, Inc.: Electrolyte Development for Silicon-Based Anode Through High Throughput Screening
  • Wildcat Discovery Technologies, Inc.: Conversion Mechanism of CuF2 for Secondary Batteries
  • Wildcat Discovery Technologies, Inc.: Ex Situ Treatment of Lithium Metal Anodes to Enable Long-Term Cycling with Carbonate-Based Electrolytes
  • Wildcat Discovery Technologies, Inc.: Accelerating Silicon Anode Development

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