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Ener Tech Press Release - Cambridge EnerTech Acquires Advanced Automotive Batteries Conferences   June 15, 2015
Automotive World A lot of life left in lithium-ion batteries   Mar 9, 2015
cars21 Exclusive Interview with Michael Lord, Toyota Technical Center   May 14, 2014
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SAE International EV battery trends & insights: an interview with Erik Spek   Feb 3, 2014
Batteries International Menahem Anderman: the man behind AABC   May 23, 2013
cars21 Interview with Frank Obrist after AABC and SAE conferences   Mar 8, 2013
cars21 AABC 2013: better and cheaper batteries with same chemistry   Feb 12, 2013
cars21 AABC 2013: battery design and EV/PHEV performance   Feb 11, 2013
cars21 Live reporting from AABC 2013: market development of EVs and their batteries   Feb 7, 2013
cars21 AABC Europe 2012: better batteries with same chemistry   Jun 26, 2012
cars21 Live reporting from AABC Europe 2012: when will EV uptake reach critical mass?   Jun 21, 2012
Tech On Panasonic, GS Yuasa speak of stationary storage batteries   Feb 14, 2012
Tech On Samsung Yokohama discusses performance improvement of Li-ion batteries   Feb 13, 2012
cars21 AABC 2012: challenges and solutions for cost-effective integration of batteries into EVs   Feb 13, 2012
cars21 Exclusive interview with Ted Miller, Ford Motor Company – Part I & II   Feb 3, 2012
cars21 Exclusive interview Joe LoGrasso, manager, GM Global Battery Systems Engineering   Jan 19, 2012
cars21 Exclusive interview with Dr. Eckhard Karden, technical expert, Ford Europe   Jun 16, 2011
cars21 Higher projections for EV battery market at AABC Europe 2011   Jun 16, 2011
cars21 Exclusive interview with Dr. Christian Mohrdieck, Daimler Battery Drive Development   May 30, 2011
EV World Batteries! Batteries! And more batteries!
Reports from back-to-back advanced battery conferences
  Feb 4, 2011
Automotive Industries AI interviews Menahem Anderman, president of Advanced Automotive Batteries   Feb, 2011
The Washington Post Obama pours energy into electric-car batteries, but will it jump-start industry?   Jul 16, 2010
EV Wind Listen to the battery man   Jul 10, 2010
NAATBatt AABC conference provides sobering assessment of the market for automotive Li-Ion batteries   May 21, 2010
bnet EVs will fail in the marketplace, says a battery insider   May 12, 2010
cars21 Advanced Automotive Batteries experts meet in Mainz   Feb 2, 2010
SAE International Listen to the battery man   Oct 13, 2009

Stay abreast of the technology and trends behind vehicle electrification.

The objective of the Advanced Automotive Batteries is to make available to industry professionals around the world information that will help them focus their financial and human resources on the most technologically viable and economically affordable solutions to the future needs of automotive energy storage.