Advanced Automotive
Advanced Automotive

Partial List of Posters

  • Aalen University of Applied Science: High Energy Electrodes Based on Nickel-Rich Mixed Oxides: What Are High Operational Voltages Good for and How Do They Affect Lifetime?
  • Anhui University: Spinach Juice-Derived Porous Fe[2]O[3]/Carbon Nanorods as Superior Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Argonne National Laboratory: Optimization of Calcination Conditions to Achieve High Tap Density LiNi[0.6]Mn[0.2]Co[0.2]O[2]
  • Argonne National Laboratory: Investigations into Improving Thermal Stability of NCM-622 Through Acoustically Mixed Coatings: A Comparison of Particle Size and Processing on Al[2]O[3] Coatings
  • Arizona State University: Performance of 26650 Li-Ion Cells at Elevated Temperature Under PHEV Drive Cycles
  • Beijing University of Technology: Environmentally Physical Separation and Recycling for the Spent Automotive Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • CAMX Power LLC: Internal Short Circuit Detection and Examples of Early Implementations
  • CAMX Power LLC: Design of High-Performance Cells for PHEV and Start-Stop Batteries with High-Nickel Cathode Material
  • Carl Zeiss Microscopy: Beyond Electrochemical Analysis: 2D, 3D, and 4D Microscopy of LIBs
  • CEA TECH Liten: LiNi[0.33]Mn[0.33]Co[0.33]O[2] (NMC) Nanoparticles Synthesis and Implementation of the Li-Ion Battery Electrode by Using Printing Process
  • Chonnam National University: Synthesis of Lead (Pb) Nanoparticles on Mesoporous Carbon Nanostructure for Advanced Lead-Acid Battery
  • FMC Corporation: Study of the Effect of Lithium Precursor Choice on Performance of Nickel-Rich NMC
  • Forge Nano: High-Throughput Reactor Makes ALD Coatings on Anode and Cathode Powders Commercially Viable Through Economy of Scale
  • I.C.S.I. Ramnicu Valcea: Developing and Testing New Li-Ion Battery Solutions Using an Integrated R&D Infrastructure
  • I.C.S.I. Ramnicu Valcea: Lifetime and Capacity Retention of Carbon Decorated Lithium Manganese Oxide Pouch Cells
  • Korea Institute of Science and Technology: Structural and Elemental Analysis of Sulfide-Based All-Solid-State Batteries via Advanced Microscopy and 3-D Tomography Techniques
  • Maxwell Technologies, Inc.: Ultracapacitor/Lead-Acid Hybrid Energy Storage
  • National Research Council Canada: Thermal Runaway Initiation and Propagation Within xEV Battery Packs
  • NOHMs Technologies: PHEV Cell with NanoLyte™ Electrolyte Passes Nail Puncture Test
  • P3 Group: 12 V and 48 V Lithium-Ion-Batteries for Micro and Mild Hybrids - Insights into Technological Considerations, Market Opportunities and CO[2] Reduction Potential
  • Robert Bosch GmbH: Pressure Induced Ionic Transport Limitations in Porous Lithium-Ion Battery Materials
  • SiILion, Inc.: The Highest Energy Li-Ion Battery - Unlocking the Potential of the Silicon Anode and Nickel-Rich NMC Cathode
  • SOLVAY: Solvay Enlarged Offer for High Voltage Li-Ion Batteries
  • Southwest Research Institute: Impact of Fast Charging on NCA Cells
  • Thermal Hazard Technology: Applications of Battery Calorimetry (ARC) to Characterize the Safety and Performance of Lithium Batteries
  • Tokyo University of Science: New Water-Soluble Binders for Silicon/Graphite Composite Electrodes in Lithium-Ion Batteries: "Natto" Binder of Polyglutamate
  • University of Ulsan: Investigation on Cu Additives as the Dendrite and Corrosion Suppressor for Zn Anode in Zn-Air Batteries
  • University of Texas at Austin: Novel Plating Rechargeable Alkali-Metal Batteries



AABC encourages attendees to gain further exposure by presenting their work in the poster sessions. To secure a poster board and inclusion in the conference materials, your abstract must be submitted, approved and your registration paid in full by May 12, 2017.

Register online , or by phone, fax or mail.  Please indicate that you would like to present a poster.  Once your registration has been fully processed, we will send an email with a unique link and instructions for submitting your abstract using our online abstract submission tool.  Please see below for more information.

Reasons you should present your R&D findings at this conference:
  • Your poster will be seen by this exclusive group of technical and business development executives from major American and international battery companies, automotive technology centers and the global materials and energy industries.
  • Receive $150 off your registration
  • Your poster abstract will be published in our conference materials 

Poster Restrictions:

**Space is limited**

  • Posters are limited to one per person.
  • You must select ONE program for your poster.  
  • Your poster selection must be concurrent with your registration selection.
  • Your poster may hang only for the duration of your selected program.
  • If necessary, posters may be reassigned to the other session based on attendance.

General Poster Information:

We ask for a one-page, plain-text abstract summarizing your R&D findings. All poster submissions will be reviewed and considered for content. **

Advertisements and solicitations will not be accepted.

Your poster board will be booked (at no extra charge) once your poster is accepted and registration is paid in full.   Late posters will be accepted only if space allows.  Late posters will not be included in conference materials.

Register and indicate that you would like to present a poster.  Once your registration has been fully processed, we will send an email with a unique link and instructions for submitting your abstract using our online abstract submission tool.

Your registration must be paid in full and your abstract received by the conference's poster deadline to be considered for a poster presentation. If your abstract is not received and approved by the poster deadline, the discount will be reversed and your registration charged.


We reserve the right to publish your poster title and abstract, in whole or in part, in any marketing materials or products, including but not limited to conference brochures, websites, program guides, speaker presentation links, CDs, DVDs, and social networking sites.

* Please verify your content has proper patent and/or company approvals prior to submitting an abstract.

Posters should be portrait orientation, with maximum dimensions of 36 inches wide (3 feet) x 48 inches high (4 feet).

Poster inquiries: Email Jamie Ring for details.

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