Batteries for Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

Cambridge EnerTech’s

Batteries for Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

October 30-31, 2019

Governmental policies and technological advances are catalyzing progress in vehicle electrification across the globe, and battery technology advances are key to commercial success. Hybrid and zero-emission EVs for the mass automotive market, as well as light and heavy-duty applications, present great commercial opportunities for advanced high-energy batteries. In addition, this track will cover the latest developments in advanced batteries to be commercialized within the light and heavy-duty transportation battery market while assessing consumer demand and competing technologies, and exploring how to overcome the challenges to commercialization.

Coverage will include, but is not limited to:

  • International government regulations and incentives with emphasis on Asian countries
  • Vehicle and battery market trends
  • Expansion of major manufactures to meet market demand
  • Market development for specialty EVs, including scooters, buses, and off-road vehicles
  • Battery design for hybrids, specialty, and electric vehicles
  • Optimal battery chemistries for specialty transportation applications
  • Battery performance in the various applications
  • Battery reliability, durability, and safety
  • Market-ready systems
  • Stationary vs. mobile charging concepts and infrastructure

We will particularly explore how developers address the latest requirements for automotive batteries, including lower cost, higher energy density, wide operating-temperature ranges, high power, and the ability to accept fast charge. The opportunities are huge but so are the challenges. AABC’s programs will help you follow the trends, the issues, and the directions adopted by key players.

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