Room: Soara Ballroom II

Poster Presenters noted with * are Student Fellows.

Presenting Tuesday through Thursday

AVL List GmbH
1. AVL Virtual Battery Development; Presented by Juergen S.

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation - CSIRO
2. Fast Charging/Long Cycle Life Energy Storage for Transport Applications; Presented by Adam B.

Global Graphene Group
3. Graphene: Advancing Li-Ion Batteries; Presented by Hao-Hsun C.

Imperial College London
4. A Holistic Approach to Cell Selection and Battery Pack Design: Expanded Ragone Charts as Design Maps; Presented by Natasha F.*

Imperial College London
5. How Do We Thermal Manage the Li-Ion Battery? An Inside Out Solution; Presented by Xiao H.*

Kobelco Research Institute, Inc.
6. Battery Degradation Modeling Based on FIB-SEM Image Features Extracted by Deep Neural Network; Presented by Yoichi T.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
7. Towards a Deeper Understanding of NMC’s Role in High Voltage Operation; Presented by Jing Ying K.*

National Central University
8. Novel Additives Enhance Performance and Safety of Lithium Ion Battery; Presented by Peter C.

National University of Singapore
9. Si@SiOC as an Anode Material with High Volumetric Capacity for Lithium Ion Batteries; Presented by Cagdas C.

RWTH Aachen University
10. Performance Comparison of Expanded Metal Grids with Conventional Metal Substrates as Current Collectors in Pouch Cells; Presented by Mario K.*

SNE Research
11. EV Used LiB Market Forecast Based on Data Tracking; Presented by Daegee K.

Toray Research Center, Inc.
12. Non-Destructive Degradation Analysis Using the Charging and Discharging In-Situ XRD; Presented by Yasuhito A.

Tosoh Corporation
13. Improvement of Electrochemical Performance of LiMn2O4 by Precursor Synthesis Techniques and Coating Materials; Presented by Yuya S.

University of Caen Normandy
14. Lithium Ion Batteries Diagnosis for Electric Vehicle Applications; Presented by Hamid G.

Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology
15. High-Performance Li-Ion Batteries Using NCA@Nano Carbon Core-Shell Cathode: In Operando X-Ray Diffraction; Presented by Montree S.

Wevo Chemie GmbH
16. Understanding and Formulations of Material Selection for Battery Pack Designs; Presented by Terence K.




DOW Corning