Your Safety is Our Top Priority

To ensure maximum safety, AABC has instituted a mandatory testing policy for AABC Europe 2022 – all attendees, exhibitors, speakers and staff must have a negative COVID test within 24 hours of attending in person.

Attendees that cannot participate because of this policy, or due to travel restrictions, are encouraged to participate using our highly praised virtual event platform. Our virtual events are designed to provide you with an in-person experience at your convenience, anywhere, anytime.

Masking Requirements
AABC is working closely with the conference facilities to ensure a safe conference environment. We will follow all local government guidelines, which may include mask requirements and/or social distancing.

Cleaning Protocols
AABC will follow all local guidelines. Read more about how our venue is working to ensure safety here. We’ll also have hand sanitizing stations available throughout the event space for your use.

Our Code of Conduct

All in-person attendees must agree to AABC’s Code of Conduct . If you choose to attend in person, you agree to:

  • Take a COVID test within 24 hours prior to arriving at the event
  • Follow all safety protocols set by event staff
  • Not attend if you have tested positive for COVID-19 (even if you don’t feel sick)
  • Not attend if you feel sick
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Be respectful of your fellow attendees– everyone’s comfort level with social interactions is different

If you are not able to participate because of this policy, or due to travel restrictions, you are encouraged to attend the event virtually.

Flexible Registration Policy

Seamlessly switch between in-person and/or virtual
Select an in-person or virtual option, and you have the flexibility to switch your preferred event experience at any time leading up to the conference. Our flexible registration is designed to take the uncertainties out of these uncertain times.

Frequently Asked Questions


How will AABC be verifying attendee test results?
Our event staff will ask for a verbal attestation to your test timing and results.

Is there a specific kind of test I need to use?
Please use FDA-approved, WHO-approved or EU approved rapid antigen test, to ensure you can test and receive your results within 24 hours prior to arriving at the event.

How often do I need to test?
AABC only requires you to test before you arrive at the event. Based on your own judgement and comfort level, you may choose to take additional tests on your own during and/or after the event.

I’m traveling from outside Germany– what are the requirements for entry?
Germany requires all international travelers to provide proof of vaccination, recovery from COVID or a negative test result before departure in their country of origin. In addition, Germany has classified certain countries as high risk, as of 3 March 2022 the United States has been removed from the high risk list and are not required to complete a Digital Registration. The full list of high risk countries can be found here. If you are traveling from a high risk country of origin you must complete a Digital Registration at Please check with your airline or click here for more information.

I’m not from Germany, what is the COVID-19 policy for me to return to my country of origin?
If you are traveling from outside of Germany and returning home, check with your country of origin rules for entry at Search for the country you are returning to. Follow all entry requirements for your destination and provide any required or requested health information.

I need to have a COVID-19 PCR test before I return home. Where can I do that?
Please click here for a directory of local testing locations. Appointments and/or fees may be required, and the type of tests offered may differ by location. Or reach out to the host hotel to provide their recommendations of nearby testing facilities.

What should I do if I test positive during or after attending the conference?
In the unlikely event that you test positive for COVID-19 during or following participation in our conference, we would appreciate being informed. Please get in touch with Pam Gerardi, Director, Client Relations at

Should I get a COVID-19 test after attending the event?
We encourage any attendee that exhibits COVID-19 symptoms to reach out to their healthcare provider and receive a test.


Is there anything special I need to bring with me to the event?
Please bring a mobile device or laptop to join in some of our virtual sessions and speaker Q&As (please make sure your devices are fully charged; we do our best to make outlets available but cannot guarantee them).

How should we greet and meet our fellow attendees?
This one is up to you. Please follow your personal comfort level and respect the boundaries of your fellow attendees. Handshakes, waves and elbow bumps all welcome.

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