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2022 Poster Presentations

P01: Enhancing Electrochemical Discharge of Lithium-Ion Batteries with Iron-Based Redox Couple Electrolytes, Presented by Simo P., Aalto University

P02: Selective Flocculation as a Novel Method for LIB Anode-Cathode Separation, Presented by Tommi R., Aalto University

P03: An Accurate Measurement Method for Li-Ion Batteries Discharge Prior to Recycling, Presented by Hassan R., Aalto University

P04: Evaluation of Electrolyte Decomposition Products by Monitoring Volatile Components with Operando GCMS for Lithium-Ion Batteries, Presented by Juergen K., Austrian Institute of Technology

P05: Impact of Orientation in Thermal and Strain Performance in an 18650 Li-Ion Battery via FBG-PANDA Sensors, Presented by Lucca M., Aveiro University

P06: Virtual Product Design of Insulation Materials Towards Safer Battery Systems, Presented by Ulrich S., HKO Hitzeschutz und Textiltechnik GmbH, Part of Saint-Gobain Adfors

P07: Unique Powder Production Technology for Advanced Oxides in Batteries, Presented by Anne D., Cerpotech - Ceramic Powder Technology AS

P08: Safety Tests on Commercial Lithium Batteries Using Adiabatic Calorimetry and Infrared Thermography, Presented by Alvaro H., CIC energiGUNE

P09: Synchronous Chip-on-Cell Sensing with Near Field Wireless Communication, Presented by Christelle D., Dukosi Ltd.

P10: ENEOS TRD Binders for Environmentally Friendly Processing of LFP Cathodes, Presented by Stella D., ENEOS Materials Europe Belgium BV

P11: TEESMAT Open Innovation Test Bed, Presented by Didier B., European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

P12: Blue Lithium-Smart Separation Technology for Recovering Lithium from Battery Leaching Waste, Presented by Elisabeth G., Evonik Operations GmbH

P13: Lithium Ion Battery Recycling – Diluents for Solvent Extraction, Presented by Daniel B., ExxonMobil Chemical Central Europe GmbH

P14: Lead Acid Battery Minimum Voltage Prediction for Safety Applications, Presented by Adriana T., FORVIA - HELLA Romania

P15: Current Status in Recycling of Lithium Iron Phosphate-Based Batteries, Presented by Hannah M., Fraunhofer Research Institution for Battery Cell Production (FFB)

P16: Approach for Assessing LIBs Safety w.r.t. to Lithium Plating, Presented by Syed A., Graz University of Technology

P17: Simulation Based Technoeconomic and Life Cycle Assessment for a Novel Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Process (HydroLIBRec), Presented by Ali K., Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf

P18: Benefits of High-Throughput Concepts for Battery Research - A Case Study for Cathode Active Materials, Presented by Daniel J., hte GmbH

P19: Cell-Integrated Sensing Functionalities for Smart Battery Systems with Improved Performance and Safety, Presented by Inigo G., Ikerlan Technology Research Centre, Basque Research and Technology Alliance

P20: Electrochemistry-Based Simulation of Multiple Dendrites for Li-Ion Battery, Presented by Yoichi T., Kobelco Research Institute, Inc.

P21: Lithium-Sulfur: The Next Generation of Safer, Sustainable, and More Powerful EV Batteries, Presented by Karel V., Lyten, Inc.

P22: Electro-Thermal-Fluidic Battery Module Simulation for Accurate Cooling Performance Assessment, Presented by Thomas N., MAHLE International GmbH/Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

P23: Unravelling the Long-Life, High Capacity, and Ultrafast Charging Mechanisms Behind Mixed Niobium Oxide, (XNOT), Battery Anode Materials, Presented by Rene W., Materials Design SARL

P24: Impact of Phase Co-Existence on Solid State Electrolyte Performance, Presented by Antranik J., McGill University

P25: Processing Properties and Leveling Characteristics of Battery Slurries, Presented by Torsten R., NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH

P26: High Voltage Battery Management System Reference Design, Presented by Konrad L., NXP Semiconductors

P27: Physics-Informed Neural Networks for Voltage and SOC Estimation, Presented by Andrew F., Queen's University Belfast

P28: Thermoplastic Solutions for Battery Enclosures, Presented by David P., SABIC

P29: High-Energy/Power-Density, Low-Temperature-Capable, Fast Charring and Ultrasafe Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries for Automotive Applications, Presented by Timothy L., Solid Energies, Inc.

P30: Soteria Safety Technology Will Eliminate Battery Fires, Presented by Juergen K., Soteria Europe GmbH

P31: Experimental Study of Relaxation Time Influence on EIS Measurements for Lithium-Ion Cell Characterization, Presented by Manuel A., Technical University of Munich

P32: How Low Can We Go? // Minimizing Battery Size of Battery-Electric Long-Haul Trucks, Presented by Jakob S., Technical University of Munich

P33: Investigating the Aging Mechanisms of State-of-the-Art Automotive Battery Pouch Cells Under Real-World Usage Conditions, Presented by Markus S., Technical University of Munich

P34: Fast Charging Strategy Comparison of Battery Electric Vehicles and the Benefit of Advanced Fast Charging Algorithms, Presented by Nikolaos W., Technical University of Munich

P35: Fast Characterization of Calendar Aging Using Float Currents, Presented by Meinert L., Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

P36: Investigation of Battery Recovery and Lithium Distribution on 18650 Silicon Containing Cells, Presented by Pablo M., Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

P37: State Estimation in Reconfigurable Battery Systems, Presented by Michael T., Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

P38: Results and Analysis of a BEV Driving Campaign Comprising Three Types of Daily Uses Categorized by Home-to-Work Distance, Presented by Marc H., Universite Grenoble Alpes, CEA-Liten

P39: The Promising Potential of Aqueous Magnesium Batteries: Passivation Suppression, Presented by Kee Wah L., University of Hong Kong

P40: Application Potential of Al-Ion Batteries for EVs, Presented by Wending P., University of Hong Kong

P41: Scalable, Facile and Cheap Synthesis of Silicon Nanowires from Tin Oxide Seed as High Energy Density Anode in Li-Ion Batteries, Presented by Marco C., University of Limerick

P42: Finding the Sweet Spot: The Effect of a Smaller Operating Voltage Window on Performance and Lifetime of Silicon Nanoparticle Anodes, Presented by Iris D., University of Muenster

P43: Electrolytic Pre-Lithiation: An Alternative Approach for Enabling Si-Based Lithium Ion Batteries?, Presented by Lukas H., University of Muenster

P44: Reidentification of Polymeric Lithium Battery Materials by Fingerprint Analysis with Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (PY-GC-MS), Presented by Dennis K., University of Muenster

P45: Improved Electrolyte Formulations for Fast-Charging Radical Polymer-Based Batteries, Presented by Katharina R., University of Muenster

P46: Analysis of the Coupled Thermal Runaway Behavior of an Automotive Li-Ion Battery Cell, Presented by Carolin A., Volkswagen AG

P47: Towards Calenderability of High-Energy Cathode Based on NMC622 on Roll-to-Roll Process, Presented by Hai Yen T., ZSW Laboratory for Battery Technology

P48: Highly Porous Carbon Aerogel-Based Cathode for High Energy Lithium-Sulphur Batteries, Presented by Marina S., German Aerospace Center (DLR)

P49: Smart Hydro-Oxy-Carbon (CNT) Additive to the PAM and NAM of Lead Acid Batteries, Presented by David J., IsraZion Ltd.

P50: Pyrometallurgical Recycling of Valuable Metals from the Cathode Material LCO of Lithium-Ion-BatteriesPresented by Lukas W., Montan University of Leoben 

P51: Pulse formation, Pulse Cycler & DCR TesterPresented by Genghui Y., Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg








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