2021 Virtual Poster Presentations

P01: Improving Electrode Slurry Mixing, Presented by Vlad S., BHR Group

P02: PowerDrive Line - Printing Solid State Batteries, Presented by Keri G., Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)

P03: High Power Swappable Battery System for LEV, Presented by Bjorn V., Cleantron

P04: Quantitative Degradation Diagnostic: A Differential Model, Presented by Jingyi C., Imperial College London

P05: Electrode Ageing Evaluation for Non-Accelerated Degradation Conditions at 25°C, Presented by Laura O., Mondragon University

P06: Stainless Steel Fibers as Conductive Additive to Enable Thick Electrodes, Presented by Ruben D., NV Bekaert SA

P07: Capabilities of Isotope Labeling for Mechanistic Understanding of LIB Electrolyte Decomposition, Presented by Christoph P., University of Muenster, MEET Battery Research Center

P08: Analyzing the Reactions of Electrolyte and Cathode in Li/S and Li/Metal Sulfide Batteries, Presented by Simon W., University of Muenster, MEET Battery Research Center

P09: Artificial Intelligence Investigation of NMC Cathode Manufacturing Parameters Interdependencies, Presented by Teo L., University of Picardie Jules Verne

P10: Advanced Thermal and Power Management Through Sintered Silver Layers, Presented by Tobias R., Nano-Join GmbH