Battery Chemistries for Automotive Applications

Recent Advancements in Battery Chemistries

June 24-25, 2019

The European Advanced Automotive Battery Conference attracts international thought leaders and battery technologists to discuss key issues impacting the electrification of vehicles. As the electric vehicle market expands with increasingly strict regulatory deadlines, the need to improve batteries and enhance performance while lowering cost has never been stronger. AABC provides a scientific and interactive forum to explore these challenges. In this session, leading materials R&D professionals will review the prospects of advanced cathodes, anodes, and electrolytes to deliver better performance, life, and safety, at equal or lower cost than current chemistries, and to provide enhanced value for large lithium-ion batteries.

Preliminary Agenda


Lithium Batteries

Peter Lamp, PhD, Director, Research Battery Technology, BMW Group

New JSCER Program

Venkat Srinivasan, PhD, Deputy Director, Research & Development, JCESR

Silicon Anode — A Deep Dive

Anthony Burrell, Chief Technologist, Energy Storage, National Renewable Laboratory

Battery 500

Jun Liu, PhD, Battelle Fellow, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Liquid Electrolytes

Kang Xu, PhD, Senior Research Chemist & Project Lead, US Army Research Lab

Liquid Electrolytes

Andrea Balducci, PhD, Professor Applied Electrochemistry, Center for Energy & Environmental Chemistry, Friedrich Schiller University Jena


Solid Electrolytes

Patrick Bernard, PhD, Director, Research, SAFT

Compositional and Processing Studies of Garnet-Type Lithium Ion Conductor

Dee Strand, PhD, CSO, Chemistry, Wildcat Discovery Technologies

Lithium Solid Electrolytes

Steve Visco, PhD, CEO & CTO, PolyPlus Battery Co.

400Wh/Kg is Here, a Practical Approach to Solid State Lithium Metal Cells

Qichao Hu, PhD, Founder & CEO, SolidEnergy Systems Corp.


Silicon-Containing Lithium-Ion Cells

Daniel Abraham, PhD, Materials Scientist & Team Leader, Advanced Battery Research for Transportation, Argonne National Laboratory

High-Nickel, Low-Cobalt Cathodes for Lithium-ion Batteries

Arumugam Manthiram, PhD, Director Academic Program, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas Austin

Low-Cobalt, High-Performance Cathode Materials

Suresh Sriramulu, PhD, CTO, CAMX Power

Discussion with Data, Validates Paraclete’s SM-Silicon/3590™ as the Highest Capacity, Cycle Stable Silicon on the Market

Jeff Norris, MBA, CEO, Paraclete Energy, Inc.

Presentation to be Announced

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