2021 Poster Presentations coming in November



2020 Virtual Presentations:

P01: Modeling the Electrochemical Performance of Nickel-Rich, Silicon Oxide/Graphite Lithium-Ion Batteries Using Battery Design Studio; Presented by Venkat B., CEA Grenoble

P02: Unique, Environment Friendly, Powder Production Technology for High Quality Oxides for Solid State Batteries; Presented by Anna D., CerPoTech AS (Ceramic Powder Technology)

P03: Safe Measurement of Acceleration, Vibration, and Strain in HV Batteries; Presented by Paul V., CSM Products, Inc.

P04: Thermal Verification and Characterization of High-Voltage Batteries; Presented by Tom D., CSM Products, Inc.

P05: Evaluating Internal Structural Changes in Commercial 18650s; Presented by Colin B., Exponent, Inc.

P06: Understanding How Testing Conditions Affect Hazard Quantification in Lithium-Ion Abuse Tests; Presented by Keith B., Exponent, Inc.

P07: Quantifying Interface Resistance and Composite Resistivity of Double and Single Sided Lithium Ion Battery Electrode Sheets; Presented by Yuki K., Hioki E.E. Corporation

P08: Innovative Lead-Air Battery - "Greener" Alternative of Lead-Acid Battery for Automotive and Storage Applications; Presented by Iliyan P., Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

P09: Study of Graphene Effect on the Capacity of Anodes for Li-Ion Cells; Presented by Leire Z., Instituto Tecnologico de la Energia

P10: Development of In-Line Non-Destructive Self-Discharge Diagnostic Imaging Technology that Contributes to the World's Best Quality Control; Presented by Seiju K., Integral Geometry Science

P11: Burning Test Simulation of Battery Module and Its Design Optimization with Machine Learning; Presented by Yoichi T., Kobelco Research Institute, Inc.

P12: Enhanced Stability of LiMn[1.5]Ni[0.5]O[4] Spinel Cathode by Lithium Ion Single Conduction Polymeric Coating; Presented by Guadalupe R., Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana

P13: Glassy Electrolytes for Solid State Batteries - An Atomistic Perspective; Presented by Soumik B., Washington State University

P14: Effect of Immersive Cooling on Fire Propagation; Presented by Bapiraju S., Southwest Research Institute