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2021 Poster Presentations

P01: Developments in Robust Early Detection of Thermal Runaway, Presented by Brian E., Amphenol Advanced Sensors

P02: Celgard® Dry Separator Key Properties and Benefits in Lithium-Ion Batteries, Presented by Wenbin Y., Celgard, LLC

P04: Breaking the Energy-Power Tradeoff with Multilayer Electrodes, Presented by Louise H., EnPower, Inc.

P05: Reliable Si Battery Technology for EV Battery, Presented by Paul K., EoCell, Inc.

P06: Evaluating EV Battery Safety from a Cell Perspective: Advanced Methods and Case Studies, Presented by Yan Y., Exponent, Inc.

P07: Nano-Carbons for Hybrid Supercapacitors in Vehicle Applications: Technology and International Standard Developments, Presented by JoonHo B., Gachon University

P08: Li-Ion Battery Charging Mode and Direct Recycling Performance: Creating Automotive Renewal (CAR) Project, Presented by Lukasz H., Gdansk University of Technology

P09: Battery Capacity-Trajectory Prediction Using Early-Life Data, Presented by Chao H., Iowa State University

P10: Heat Generation and Degradation Mechanisms Studied on Sodium Vanadium Phosphate Positive Electrode Material in Full Pouch / Coin Cell Assembly, Presented by Ijaz M., Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

P11: LIOVIX™, Printable Lithium Technology for Next Generation Batteries, Presented by Brian F., Livent

P12: Efficient Spheronization of Graphite for Battery Anode Active Material, Presented by Dennis P., NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology USA, Inc.

P13: Accelerated Synthesis and X-Ray Scattering Characterization of Lithium Thioborate Solid Electrolyte, Presented by Vicky D., Ohio State University

P14: Automatic Test Case Creation for Testing and Validation of BMS Algorithms, Presented by Franziska B., RWTH Aachen University

P15: Toolchain for Efficient Implementation and Evaluation of BMS Algorithms from Matlab-Simulink on an Embedded System, Presented by Nico M., RWTH Aachen University

P16: Driving the Change: Specialty Materials for EV Battery Systems, Presented by Somasekhar B., SABIC

P17: Thermoplastic Solutions for Battery Enclosures, Presented by Carlos P., SABIC

P18: Simulating Battery Thermal Runaway Using Multiphysics Solver and Test Data, Presented by Jung K., Siemens PLM Software, Inc.

P19: Rapid State of Health Assessment of Li-Ion Batteries Using Ultrasound Enabling the Second-Life Market, Presented by Maura A., Titan Advanced Energy Solutions

P20: High Power and Long Life LMO for Automotive Applications, Presented by Kazuhisa K., Tosoh Corporation

P21: Theoretical Calculations of Structure and Transport Properties of Amorphous Solid-State Electrolytes, Presented by Soumik B., Washington State University

P22: Highly Scalable Polymer-Ceramic Composite Electrolyte for All-Solid-State Lithium-Ion BatteriesPresented by Alexander K., Natrion LLC

P23: Integrating Electrochemical Modeling with Machine Learning for Lithium-Ion Batteries, Presented by Huazhen F., University of Kansas

P24: The Commercial Purification and Spheronization of Natural Graphite for Li-Ion Battery Manufacturing, Presented by Dean G., University of Melbourne

P25: Impact of Fluoroethylene Carbonate on the Transport Property of the Electrolyte Towards Ni-Rich Li-Ion Batteries at the Cylindrical Cell Level with High Safety, Presented by Montree S., Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology

P26: Safety Layer for the Detection of Battery Shorts, Presented by Benjamin J., Woodbury High School






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