2023 Poster Presentations Coming in December




2022 Poster Presentations:

P01: Energy Efficient Charging for Smart Battery Using Impedance Minimization, Presented by Abhijit K., Aalborg University

P02: Safer, Longer Lasting and Higher Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries with Trinohex® Ultra, Presented by David M., Ascend Performance Materials

P03: Lithium-Free Technologies of Batteries Developed at CEA: Hybrid Potassium Ion Supercapacitors (KIC) for High Power Applications and Sodium Ion Batteries (SIBs) for Energy Applications, Presented by Eric M., CEA - French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission

P04: Celgard® Dry Separator Key Properties and Benefits in Lithium-Ion Batteries, Presented by Wenbin Y., Celgard LLC

P05: Domestically Sourced Next Generation Carbon Based Anode Materials, Presented by Carol H., COnovate, Inc.

P06: ETP Inc.’s Patented Dry Process for Lithium-Ion Manufacturing, Presented by Michael E., Eskra Technical Products, Inc.

P07: The First Solar-Powered Carbon-Neutral Cobalt Sulfate Production Facility in the United States, Presented by Navaid A., EVelution Energy Corporation

P08: Evaluation of Relationship between Mixing Process Parameters and Electrical Properties of Cathode Slurry for Lithium Ion Battery, Presented by Yuki K., Hioki E.E. Corporation

P09: Hybrid Energy Storage System Based on Energy and Power Battery Cells, Presented by Amin G., Hydro-Quebec

P10: Next Generation Solid-State Batteries at Hydro-Quebec, Presented by Chisu K., Hydro-Quebec

P11: Leveraging Physics-Based Models to Optimise Cell Design, Presented by Carlos G., Imperial College London

P12: All Solid State Battery Based on Glass Electrolyte, Presented by Bill R., Johnson Energy Storage

P13: Graphene-Coated Nano Silicon Particles for Large Capacity, Long Life, and Low-Price Battery, Presented by Joon S., Kwangwoon University

P14: LITHIUM-SULFUR: The Next Generation of Safer, Sustainable, and More Powerful EV Batteries, Presented by George L., Lyten

P15: High Voltage Battery Management System Reference Design, Presented by Konrad L., NXP Semiconductors

P16: Modular Electro-Thermal Co-Simulation Tool for Lithium-Ion Cell, Presented by Faissal E., Ohio State University

P17: Increasing the Value of Li-Ion Battery Recycling Products, Presented by Lukasz H., Regain LLC

P18: Benchmark Analysis on the Use of Alternative Mixing Technologies for Continuous Mixing in Battery Production, Presented by Gerrit B., RWTH Aachen University

P19: Innovative Modeling Approach for Battery Cell Optimization in the Context of New Product Architectures, Presented by Moritz F., RWTH Aachen University

P20: Developing a Concept for the Application of Predictive Quality in Battery Production, Presented by Paul L., RWTH Aachen University

P21: Impact of Innovative Cell-to-X Design Approaches on Conventional Lithium-Ion Battery Product Architectures, Presented by Benedikt S., RWTH Aachen University

P22: Investigation of the Energy Saving Potential for the Process Innovation Laser Drying of Electrodes, Presented by Sebastian W., RWTH Aachen University

P23: SABIC's Specialty Materials for Potential Use in EV Thermal Management and Safety Structures, Presented by Soma B., SABIC

P24: Integrated Hybrid Cooling Solution for EV Battery Pack, Presented by Carlos P., SABIC

P25: Are Solid-State Batteries Safe?, Presented by Alex B., Sandia National Laboratories

P26: As-Assembled Solid State Batteries (ASSB) for Next Generation Energy Storage Systems, Presented by Kevin W., Solid Energies, Inc.

P27: Intelligent Cross-Process Control for Holistic Optimization of Lithium-Ion-Battery Production, Presented by Julia M., Technical University of Braunschweig

P28: Toolboxes for the Digitalization of Lithium-Ion Battery Production, Presented by Timon S., Technical University of Braunschweig

P29: TENIX™ Cathode Additives for Improved Battery Performance, Presented by Paige J., Ten-Nine Technologies

P30: Validation of an Inert Gas Sample Transfer Workflow Between Cryo-FIB and TEM for Li-Ion Batteries Using CleanConnect™, Presented by Hugues F., Thermo Fisher Scientific

P31: Eliminate Thermal Runaway: Ultrasound Offers a Comprehensive Solution to an Industry Pain Point, Presented by Julian B., Titan Advanced Energy Solutions

P32: Modeling and Parameter Estimation Strategies for Rechargeable Lithium-Metal Batteries, Presented by Wesley H., University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

P33: Control-Oriented Reduced-Order Models for Lithium-Metal Batteries, Presented by Aloisio K., University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

P34: Microcracking of Ni-Rich Layered Oxide Does Not Occur at Single Crystal Primary Particles Even Abused at 4.7 V, Presented by Montree S., Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC)

P35: A Protein-Enabled Protective Film for Stabilizing Lithium-Metal Batteries, Presented by Chenxu W., Washington State University

P36: Safety Layer on Anode for the Protection of Battery Shorts, Presented by Benjamin J., Woodbury High School

P37: LIOVIX® - A Breakthrough Technology for Lithium Battery Performance and Innovation, Presented by Brian F. Livent

P38: Performance of U.S. Department of Energy Targets on Battery Specifications for Future Electrified Vehicles, Presented by Ehsan I., Argonne National Laboratory

P39: Investing High Volume Precision Engineering of Battery Casings, Presented by Jeff H., SLAC Americas

P40: Experimental Approach for the Rational Design of Battery Packs, Presented by Hayley H., Exponent, Inc.








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