2020 Presentations coming in October.



Room: Grand Ballroom

Presenting Tuesday - Thursday

Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry Co., Ltd.
1.      New Opportunities for LMFP Materials Combined with Ni-Based Cathode Materials for the Next Generation; Presented by Cheng Yao C.

Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry Co., Ltd.
2.      Uniform Carbon Coating Tavorite-Structured LiVPO4F with High-Potential and High-Stability Performance; Presented by Ching-Che H.

Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry Co., Ltd.
3.      Aleees Supreme-LFP Cathode Material A14 for Automotive 12V and 48V Mild HEVs' High Power Applications; Presented by Feng-Yen T.

Argonne National Laboratory
4.      Performance of U.S. Department of Energy Targets on Battery Specifications for Electrified Vehicles; Presented by Ehsan I.

Arkema, Inc.
5.      LiTDI, an Electrolyte Additive for Extended Battery Lifetime; Presented by Alexis G.

Astrolabe Analytics, Inc.
6.      Electrochemical Data Science Infrastructure; Presented by Robert M.

Bioenno Tech LLC
7.      Development of Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries for Automobile Applications; Presented by Shuyi C.

CEA Grenoble
8.      New Assembly of Hybrid Polymer System for Lithium Ion Batteries; Presented by Djamel M.

9.      Covestro Solutions for Battery Packaging; Presented by Terry D.

10.      Application of Polymer Based Materials for Automotive Battery Applications; Presented by Frank B.

Hive Battery Labs
11.      Lowering Formation and Grading Costs with Impedance Spectroscopy; Presented by Eric D.

Livent Corporation
12.      Printable Lithium Technology for Pre-Lithiation and Solid-State Battery Applications; Presented by Brian F.

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
13.      Approach to Practical Application of All Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries at AIST; Presented by Hironori K.

Northeastern University
14.      NSF I/UCRC Center for Solid State Green Power Generation and Storage (CEPS); Presented by Serge P.

Ocean Minerals LLC
15.      Responsibly Mined Deep Ocean Nodules for Critical Battery Metals; Presented by Hans S.

Plasma App Ltd.
16.      Deposition-Induced Carbon Polymorph; Presented by Dmitry Y.

Roechling Automotive LLP
17.      Lightweight Composite Battery Enclosure; Presented by William D.

RWTH Aachen University
18.      Challenges in the Scale-Up Process of Si/C Anode Coatings with Different Si Solid Contents; Presented by Kim K.

SABIC Innovative Plastics
19.      Thermoplastic Solutions for Battery Packs; Presented by Carlos P.

Southwest Research Institute
20.      Technical Excerpts from the Energy Storage System Evaluation and Safety Consortium; Presented by Bapiraju S.

Wevo Chemie GmbH
21.      Understanding and Formulations of Material Selection for Battery Pack Designs; Presented by Terence K.

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