2024 Poster Presentations Coming in November



Here is a reminder of the 2023 presentations.  Please check back for 2024 content.

P01: Automotive Copper Foil for the BEV and HEV Battery Markets, Presented by Shane S., Advanced Copper Foil Inc ACF

P02: REALSi: Silicon-Carbon Composite Anode Material Solutions for Next-Generation Energy Storage, Presented by Christopher Y., ADVANO

P03: Enabling Safer, Fast Charging, All-Climate Next-Generation Solid-State Batteries, Presented by Sumin Z., Ampcera, Inc.

P04: Li-Ion Batteries with Improved Charge Rate, Energy Density, and Safety, Using 3D Structured Electrodes, Presented by Andrew D., Arbor Batteries

P05: Evaluating the Path Forward: U.S. Department of Energy's Endeavors in Shaping Battery Standards for Future Electric Vehicles, Presented by Ehsan I., Argonne National Laboratory

P06: High Performance Anode Binder, Presented by Ramin AS., Arkema

P07: Improved Cell Performance in Lithium-Ion Batteries: A Novel Solution, Presented by Jefferson E., Ascend Performance Materials

P08: All-Solid-State or Semi-Solid Li-Ion Batteries? - Key Technology Approaches and Time to Market, Presented by Pirmin U., b-science.net LLC

P09: Recent Silicone Foam Technology in Lithium Ion Battery Pack Safety, Presented by Gerry E., CHT USA, Inc.

P10: Domestically-Sourced, Next-Generation Carbon-Based Anode Materials, Presented by Carol H., COnovate, Inc.

P11: AI Driven Prediction of Deep Discharge for Real World Batteries in the Field, Presented by Gokul D., Coulomb AI, Inc.

P12: Machine Learning Assisted Instant Estimation of State of Health of Lithium-Ion Battery, Presented by Jordan L., Cummins, Inc.

P13: Xtreme Fast-Charging High Energy Lithium-Silicon Batteries with Super High-Rate Discharge Capability, Presented by Yingnan D., eFlion Power, Inc.

P14: Analysis of Anodes, Cathodes, and Electrolyte Solutions Using Advanced Analytical Instrumentation, Presented by Derrick Q., Elemental Scientific, Inc.

P15: Cell-Level Assessments for Mitigation of Battery Failures, Presented by Garrett G., Exponent

P16: An Innovative Characterization Tool for Next Generation Battery Chemistries, Presented by Ellen W., Exum Instruments

P17: Relationship Between Li-Ion Battery Performance and Electrical Indices of Cathode Slurry and Positive Electrode Sheet, Presented by Ryutaro H., HIOKI E.E. Corporation

P18: Traceable Impedance Measurement for EV Battery State Assessment, Presented by Takumi M., HIOKI E.E. Corporation

P19: Entangled Carbon Nanotube Networks for Lithium Ion Batteries, Presented by Mark S., Huntsman Advanced Materials

P20: Ionblox: Revolutionizing Automotive Batteries with Extreme Fast Charging, Presented by Sujeet K., Ionblox, Inc.

P21: CirCoLi: A New Paradigm for Battery Recycling, Presented by Paolo G., King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

P22: High Performance Batteries to Obsolete Diesel in Heavy Duty Applications, Presented by Haodong L., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

P23: Harnessing Aerogel for Increased Efficiency in All Weather Conditions, Presented by Patricia M., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

P24: Livent LIOVIX® Printable Lithium Technology for Prelithiation and Lithium Anode Manufacturing at Scale, Presented by Jian X., Livent

P25: Impact of Temperature on the Heat Generation and Cycling of Silicon-Based Anodes, Presented by Kevin B., Mannheim University of Applied Sciences

P26: Modeling Heat Generation of a LiFePO4 Coin Cell Battery Using Self-Measured Materials Data Compared with Experimental Heat Flux Measurements, Presented by Jonas B., Mannheim University of Applied Sciences

P27: Quantification of the Diffusion Coefficient in SiC/Li Cells Using GITT, Presented by Rouven L., Mannheim University of Applied Sciences

P28: Temperature and SoC Prediction Using Neural Networks and EIS Data on LFP: A Comparative Analysis of Single-Output and Dual-Output Models, Presented by Rouven L., Mannheim University of Applied Sciences

P29: Lib Inspection and Powder Material Measurement, Presented by Keisuke S., MARKTEC Corporation.

P30: A Effective CuO/CuS Heterostructures Catalyst for OER Performances, Presented by Mabkhoot A., Najran University

P31: Addressing the Scaling Challenges for Sustainable Silicon-Graphite Anode Battery, Presented by Mathieu T., National Research Council Canada

P32: Molecular Design of Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) for Enhancing Dispersibility of Small-Sized Electrode Materials, Presented by Daisuke N., Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

P33: POSCO Holdings' Green Battery Recycling Process, Presented by Junyong P., POSCO Holdings

P34: POSCO Holdings' Lithium Extraction Process and Its Application, Presented by Woonkyoung P., POSCO Holdings

P35: POSCO Holdings' Premium Lithium-Ion Battery Materials; Low-Cost, High-Performance Solutions Based on the Full Value Chain, Presented by Jungwoo P., POSCO Holdings

P36: 99 wt% Active Materials Loading and Highly Stable Ni-Rich Cathode (NCM 811) via Oxidative Chemical Vapor Deposition, Presented by Sunghwan L., Purdue University

P37: Challenges and Opportunities of Repairability in Battery Systems, Presented by Maximilian G., RWTH Aachen University

P38: Model-Based System Design: Design for 2nd-Life Scenarios of Mobile Battery Systems, Presented by Benedikt S., RWTH Aachen University

P39: Specialty Based Thermoplastic Materials for Electric Vehicle Battery Pack, Presented by Somasekhar B., SABIC Innovative Plastics

P40: Behavior of Silicon Oxide in the Reduction Region, Presented by Takakazu H., Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

P41: Simulating Heat Release and Vent Gas in Battery Thermal Runaway Using STAR-CCM+ and Test Data, Presented by Jung K., Siemens

P42: A Novel Ceramic Heat Pipe for BEV Battery Packs and Power Electronics, Presented by Callum C., Simon Fraser University

P43: Analysis of Battery Modules for Automated Disassembly, Presented by Timo H., Technical University of Braunschweig

P44: Material-Adapted Handling of Polymer Solid Electrolytes for Multi-Layer Cell Stacking of Solid-State Batteries, Presented by Do Minh N., Technical University of Braunschweig

P45: Mechanical Characterization of Pouch Foil for a Numerical Investigation of the Forming Process of Foldable Pouch Housings for Future Battery Cells, Presented by Jonas S., Technical University of Braunschweig

P46: Process Development and Characterization for Automated Disassembly of End-of-Life Lithium-Ion Batteries Achieving Efficient Recycling, Presented by Shubiao W., Technical University of Braunschweig

P47: Microstructural Characterization of Li Battery Cell Structure Using an Inert Gas Sample Transfer (IGST) Workflow from BIB CP to SEM, Presented by Hugues F., Thermo Fisher Scientific

P48: Battery Informatics From Low-Context to Full History: Supervised, Unsupervised, and Interpretable ML, Presented by Steven T., Toyota Research Institute

P49: Real-Time Learning-Based Approach for Internal State Estimation of Lithium-Ion Batteries Under Faults, Presented by Avimanyu S., University of Alabama, Huntsville

P50: Safe and Fast Charging of Batteries, Presented by Ricardo D., University of California, Merced

P51: Development of High-Rate Lithium-Ion Batteries Using Porous Carbon Derived from Soybeans, Presented by Lin L., University of Kansas

P52: Gel Polymer Electrolyte Degradation Studied by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, Presented by Jaroslav M., University of Münster, MEET Battery Research Center

P53: From the "Resource Curse" to a Key Moment for Africa, Critical Minerals Processing on the Continent, Presented by Mkhulu M., University of South Africa

P54: Charged Wire Testing for Determining the Insulative Properties of Heat Transfer Fluids, Presented by Jennifer J., Valvoline

P55: Graphene Encapsulation for Next Frontier Li-Ion Cathode Materials, Presented by Damien D., Volexion, Inc.

P56: Development of a Thermal and Power Analysis Platform for EV Performance and Safety Using a Virtual Battery Model, Presented by Hyeongdeok S., Yonsei University

P57: Novel Phosphorous-Based Electrolyte Additives for Advanced NMC811||Si-Graphite Cell Chemistry Performance and Safety, Presented by Baharehalsadat S., Forschungszentrum Julich GmbH

P58: Approach for the Economical Assessment of Welding Technologies in Battery Cell Production, Presented by Matthias S., RWTH Aachen University

P59: Design of a Highly Adaptable 3D-Printed Battery Cell Fixture for In-Line Gas Evolution Measurement of Pouch Format Battery Cells During FormationPresented by Nikolaus L., RWTH Aachen University







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