TUT4: In-Depth Analysis of the Chinese xEV Battery Industry – From Applications to Upstream Materials

MONDAY, OCTOBER 28: 16:30 - 18:30

As the world’s biggest EDV market, Chinese xEV industry has become the most important pioneering target. However, specially planned economy, localized regulations, and multiple business models exist and make the international companies’ decision-making more difficult. Therefore, this tutorial will try to provide a whole picture of the Chinese EDV battery market as outlined below:

  • Present and future environment changes of the Chinese EDV: policies and regulation
  • Present status and future forecasts of the Chinese EDV industry and related battery supply chain
  • Present pack business in Chinese EDV promotion
  • Present competitiveness analysis of the Chinese EDV battery manufacturers
  • Present status and future developing strategies of the Chinese EDV battery technologies
  • Present supporting status from upstream Chinese EDV battery materials – provider, cooperation and product specifics
  • Positioning discussion: how to set right positioning in the Chinese EDV battery industry for foreign enterprises


Lu_MarkMark Lu, PhD, Certified Senior Industrial Analyst, Industrial Economics & Knowledge Center (IEK), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

As a certified senior industrial analyst of the biggest think-tank in Taiwan, Mark is responsible for research about battery-related industries in Taiwan, from material, cell, pack and related applications. Not only handling the official government statistics about Taiwan’s battery industries, he also plays a role in providing consultations to both the Taiwan government and companies worldwide. In the past six years, his clients have included the top 100 Taiwan companies and global enterprises like GM, VW, Intel, China Steel Company, China Petroleum Company and Japanese material companies. From 2010, he served as the deputy secretary-general of the Taiwan Battery Association.




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