Cambridge EnerTech’s

xEV Battery Technology, Application, and Market

15-16 January 2020

Vehicle electrification is here and market expansion has started. Automakers are scrambling to develop the vehicles that will not only meet the upcoming stringent emission regulations, but also attract customers and provide viable financial return.  What most affects the cost and performance of these upcoming xEVs is the battery. Consequently, battery developers and their supply chains are being challenged to step up and enhance performance, reduce pricing, and help automakers improve the vehicles’ value propositions and achieve profitability. Indeed, while graphite high-nickel NMC chemistry offers access to the widest range of applications, the many energy-storage requirements for all the types of xEV architectures it is applied to create opportunities for multiple cell chemistries and cell and pack designs. In this conference: i) industry analysts will discuss vehicle- and battery-market trends, ii) vehicle and battery developers will discuss the chosen battery designs and present performance data for existing vehicles, iii) automakers will present vehicle development and energy-storage requirements for future micro, mild, and strong hybrids, as well as PHEVs and EVs, and iv) battery developers will present the latest achievements in meeting the requirements of the various xEV architectures, including performance and life.

Coverage will include, but is not limited to:

  • Market Expansion of xEVs and Their Batteries 
  • Energy Storage for Low-Voltage Hybrids
  • Batteries for PHEVs and EVs 
  • xEV Battery Reliability and Durability: Design and Validation 
  • Fast Charging Technology and Infrastructure

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