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Battery Engineering

Building Better Batteries

13-14 January 2020


Battery engineers work to create high-energy, cost-effective, and reliable battery cells and packs that fully utilize the battery’s chemistry. To meet these standards, engineers must consider battery materials, cell engineering, mechanical, electrical, and thermal design and the integration of packs, as well as output, safety, and durability of the key designs. The Battery Engineering Symposium will bring together engineering representatives from top OEM companies, the battery supply chain, and top academic institutions to discuss the recent advancements in battery technology. It will encompass both cell and pack engineering, along with their safety concerns and how advancements in these areas are not only building better batteries, but safer and more robust ones.

Preliminary Agenda


Thermal Runaway Initiation and Propagation in Li-Ion Batteries

Andreas Pfrang, Scientist, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Accelerating EV System Qualification while Ensuring Battery Safety, Performance and Reliability

Tal Sholklapper, PhD, CEO, Voltaiq

Sensorless Temperature Measurement Exploiting Online Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

Alexander Gitis, PhD, Scientist, RWTH Aachen University

InficonProposed Standards And Methods For Leak Testing Lithium-Ion Batteries

Sandra Seitz, Dipl.-Ing., Market Manager, Automotive Leak Detection, Marketing, INFICON GmbH


Cell Temperature Estimation for a Complete Battery Pack Using Limited Thermal Measurement

Subhajeet Rath, Expertise Group for Sustainable Transport and Logistics, TNO

How Calorimeters and Heat Flux Sensors Improve Thermal Management and Safety of Cells

Carlos Ziebert, Senior Scientist/Head of the Battery Calorimeter Center, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Thermal Switching Sheet to Suppress Propagation Behavior of Battery Module/Pack with High Energy Density Cells

Tomohiro Kawai, Science and Technology Research Center, Mitsubishi Chemical Corp

Understanding and Formulations of Material Selection for Battery Pack Designs

Terence Kearns, Manager, Business Development, WEVO-CHEMIE GmbH

'True' Isothermal Cell Cycling Data and Its Application to Cell Development and Thermal Management System Design

Jake Kay, Senior Research and Development Engineer, Thermal Hazarad Technology LLC

Battery Intelligence: Using Machine Learning to Make the BMS Smarter and Improve Battery Life and Performance

Alexandre Collet, Chief Technical Officer, Research and Development, ION Energy


DOW CorningMaterials solutions for EV battery assembly: thermal management and fire protection.

Julien Richeton, PhD, Technical Service & Development Scientist, Dow Performance Silicones, Dow


Fast-Charging in Practice – A Way to Get It Done!

Michael Schönleber, Batemo GmbH

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