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AABC Europe 2016
25-28 January 2016
Mainz, Germany



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AABC Europe 2015. Poster sessions

Battery Developers – Materials Developers – Battery-System Integrators!

Preliminary List of Posters

Advanced Materials

  • Amperex Technology Limited/Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited - Novel Additives and Coating Materials Screening from DFT Simulation
  • BYK-Chemie GmbH - LAPONITE® as Additive in Electrodes of Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Dong-A University - Properties for Ni-rich NCM Cathode Materials Prepared under Various Synthesis Conditions
  • Functional Nano Systems (FuN) - Functional Materials for Lithium and Post-Lithium Ion Battery Technologies
  • Institute of High Performance Computing, Agency for Science, Technology and Research - DFT Modeling of Li Diffusion in V2O5 as Cathode Material of Li Ion Batteries
  • Ioffe Institute - Advanced Solid Electrolytes Based on Alkaline Hydroxides in the Form of Crystalline Hydrates and Eutectics for 240 – 420 K
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - Performance and Advantages of Sodium-Ion Battery Materials
  • Korea University - Synthesis of Graphitic Ordered Mesoporous Carbon with Cubic Symmetry and Its Application in Lithium-Sulfur Battery
  • MATERIALS DESIGN S.A.R.L.  -  Effect of Grain Boundaries on Li Superionic Conductivity in the Solid Electrolyte LGPS: Understanding and Property Data from Atomistic Simulations
  • MEET - Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology - Beneficial Influence of LiPF6 Hydrolysis Products as Efficient Cathode/Electrolyte Interface Film Forming Additives for High Voltage Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) - Atomic Scale Storage Mechanism Studies of the Advanced Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Pyrotek, Inc. - Pyrotek's Clean Graphitization Process for the Energy Market
  • Schott AG - Highly Conductive Glass-Ceramic Electrolytes for Advanced Lithium Batteries
  • Ulm University - Large-scale Computational Screening of Electrolyte Materials
  • University of Fribourg - Aqueous Catholyte for Rechargeable Li-Air and Li-Water Batteries
  • University of Fribourg - Preferred Orientation of Li+ Diffusion Matters the Electrochemical Energy of LiMnPO4
  • University of Münster - A Comprehensive Study of the Intercalation Behavior of a Series of Imide Based Anions into a Graphite Based Positive Electrode
  • Westfälische Wilhelms-University - Optimization of the MCP-based Electrolyte Formulation through a Selection Process Based on the Variation of Selected Electrolyte Components
  • ZSW - Properties of Water Based Anodes from Pre-industrial Scale with Very High Active Mass and Very High Density in Li-ion Cells


Battery Safety

  • IK4-CIDETEC - Toward Better Understanding of the Li-ion Battery Thermal Runaway
  • Karlsruher Institut für Technologie - Electrolytes for Li-Ion Batteries with Improved Safety Characteristics
  • Southwest Research Institute - Analysis of Overcharge Tolerance of Aged LMO Cells with Two Examples
  • Toyo System USA Inc. - Analyses on Ejected Dust Components from LIB Cells at the Safety Tests
  • Virtual Vehicle - Thermal Runaway of Large automotive Li-ion Batteries, Quantification of the Cell Venting


Cell Design & Testing

  • Applied Spectra Inc and VGT Consulting bvba - Evaluation of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) As a Viable Tool for Analyzing Li-Ion Battery Components
  • BatterieIngenieure GmbH - Challenges and Necessary Measures to Ensure Reliable and Accurate Battery Monitoring of Lead-Acid Batteries Operated in Future Automotive Applications
  • Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited - Battery development for xEV applications in CATL
  • Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited - Capacity Fading Mechanism of Long-Term Storage at High Temperature for LFP
  • Daimler AG - Highly Precise Measurement of the Heat Conductivity of Lithium Ion Battery Cells Perpendicular to the Layer Plane
  • Daimler AG - Spatially Resolved High Resolution Measurement of Cell Thickness with Inductive Coils
  • Danish Technological Institute - A Novel Study of High Charging Rates at Different Temperatures
  • Dong-A University - Residual Lithium Removal of Ni-rich NCM Cathode Materials
  • Freudenberg Sealing Technologies GmbH & Co. KG - Innovative Fixation Elements for Pouch Cells – Improved Reliability & Safety
  • Hitachi Chemical Co.,Ltd. - Performance Advances in Flooded Type ISS Battery with the New Separator Design (Gen.3)
  • Lithops S.r.l.  - Large Lithium-Ion Battery Technology - High-Power Cell Design and Performance
  • QinetiQ - Development of High Energy Li-ion Pouch Cells with Si-alloy Anodes for Electric Vehicle Applications
  • TUBITAK Marmara Research Centre - Research and Development of Li-ion Battery Technologies in TUBITAK Marmara Research Centre, Energy Institute
  • University of Muenster - Bridging the Gap Between Academic Research and Industrial Development for Aging Investigations
  • University of Muenster - Coulombic Efficiency, Voltage Efficiency and Energy Efficiency of Lithium-Ion Battery Anode Materials and their Impact on Practical Application
  • University of Muenster - Do Cation-Anion Interactions Influence the Anion Intercalation into Graphite?
  • University of Muenster - Electrochemical Investigations of Recycled Active Materials from Spent Li-Ion Batteries 


Electrochemical Capacitors

  • Camerino University - A Novel Tri-Material Electrode: Li3V1.95Ni0.05(PO4)3/C, Li4Ti5O12 and Activated Carbon for High Energy and Power Li-Ion Supercapacitors
  • Dong-A University - Carbonate Base Electrolytes for Lithium Ion Capacitors
  • Dong-A University - Improving Cycling Performance of Electric Double Layer Capacitors under High Charge Voltage
  • Imperial College London - Combined Battery/Supercapacitor Hybridised Energy Storage Systems for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation - Activated Carbons for Electrochemical Capacitors Manufactured by Alkali Activation Process
  • Korea University - High Energy-Density CNT Based Supercapacitors Incorporating Redox-Mediator in Non-Aqueous Electrolyte
  • Sunchon National University - Facile Synthesis of Chromium Oxide on Activated Carbon Electrodes for Electrochemical Capacitor Application Using a Liquid Phase Plasma Process
  • University of Muenster - Comparative Study of Fluorinated Organo Phosphate, -Phosphonate, -Phosphite and -Cyclo Phosphazene as Electrolyte Additives to Improve the Intrinsic Safety of Lithium-Ion Batteries 


Module & Pack Engineering

  • Fraunhofer Institut für Fertigungstechnik und Angewandte Materialforschung - All-Solid State Rechargeable Batteries: Realistic Estimation of Energy Densities
  • Karlsruher Institut für Technologie - About the Influence of Module Design on Ageing of Lithium-Ion Cells
  • Polytec PT GmbH  - Module Assembly of xEV Batteries Using Thermally Conductive Adhesives and Materials
  • Virtual Vehicle - Thermal-Electrical Multi-Scale Model of a Battery Module 



  • Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited - Development of Fast-Charging Li-Ion Batteries in CATL for E-Bus Applications
  • RWTH Aachen University - Hybrid Automotive Li-Ion Battery Systems – Requirements and Optimization
  • RWTH Aachen University - TCO Analysis of EV Operated in Commercial Fleets in Consideration of the Battery Residual Value

Present your latest R&D findings to this exclusive group of technical and business development executives from major European and international battery companies, automotive technology centers, and the global materials and energy industries.

  • AABC Europe 2016 will feature dedicated poster sessions from Monday January 25 to Thursday January 28 during which all participants will be invited to the poster area to meet the presenters.
  • Posters will be displayed for the entire event in a central location for maximum exposure to the audience.
  • All poster presenters are expected to submit a one-page abstract or paper to be included in the electronic conference proceedings that will be made available to all participants at the beginning of the conference.

We are particularly interested in posters covering the following topics:

Large Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

  • New cathode materials for Lithium-Ion batteries
  • New anode materials for Lithium-Ion batteries
  • New separators and electrolytes for Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Low-cost packaging approaches for Lithium-Ion batteries
  • High-power cell design and performance
  • Safety enhancements and testing of large Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Battery performance and life in industrial applications
  • Lithium-Ion battery design and performance in automotive applications
  • Life prediction and modeling
  • Large Lithium-Ion battery pack design and management
  • Lithium-Ion battery design for grid applications

Electrochemical Capacitor Technology and Applications

  • New carbon materials for EC capacitors
  • New electrolytes for EC capacitors
  • Advanced EC capacitors cell design
  • Asymmetric and EC capacitor and hybrid devices
  • EC capacitor energy-storage system design
  • Automotive applications for EC capacitors

    Energy Storage for xEVs

    • Energy storage for plug-in hybrids
    • Energy storage for EVs
    • EV infrastructure and logistics
    • Lithium-Ion battery design and performance in automotive applications
    • Advances in automotive Lead-Acid batteries
    • Advances in automotive NiMH batteries
    • Energy management in xEVs
    • Thermal management of batteries in xEVs
    • Fuel-Cell vehicle hybridization

    Advanced Batteries beyond Li Ion

    • Advances in solid electrolyte
    • Metal-Lithium-based batteries
    • Lithium-Sulfur batteries
    • Redox flow batteries
    • Sodium-based and high-temperature batteries

    How to apply:

    1. Submit a poster title and a one-paragraph description of your poster topic by email by 7 December 2015 to Poster spaces will be allocated based on relevance of content on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend that you contact us early to reserve your space! We will inform you of the result of your request within a few days.
    2. Submit a one-page abstract or paper (word doc or slides) by 18 December 2015 for inclusion in the electronic conference proceedings.
    3. Register for AABC Europe 2016 by 21 December 2015 at the latest at the Poster rate (a discount of €150 applied to the rate for your attendee category valid at the time of registration), using the poster registration link that you will receive by e-mail. Your poster board will be booked (at no extra charge) upon receipt of your conference registration. Register before December 7 to avail of the early registration discount.
    4. Prepare your poster (according to the poster instructions sent separately). The poster board dimensions will be included in the instructions that will be sent to you with your poster confirmation.