Training Seminars

Wednesday, 31 January | 9:00 - 18:00

TS1: Battery Safety & Abuse Tolerance Validation

Batteries have become daily use components for many applications. New growing segments like EV and grid storage batteries extend the traditional ordinary battery applications. In the race for energy density, we should not forget the safety (e.g., the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery safety case). Unfortunately, we face daily safety events with injuries and severe damage. This training program focuses on portable, stationary and automotive battery safety along the battery cycle life (acceptance, testing, assembly, use, transportation and disposal). The training incorporates Shmuel De-Leon’s and other experiences on battery safety representing over 26 years of work in the field. The motivation behind the training is to provide attendees with the knowledge needed to safely handle the batteries in their organization and to support reduction in safety events.

Instructor: Shmuel De-Leon, CEO, Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd.


  • Primary Cells and Batteries
  • Battery Essentials
  • Rechargeable Cells & Batteries
  • Battery Safety Hazards
  • Battery Safety Guidelines
  • Battery Safety Equipment
  • Battery Safety Design
  • Battery Disposal
  • Battery Transportation
  • Battery Safety Standards & Testing
  • EV Battery Safety

Battery and Energy Storage Users, Pack Assemblers, Cell Makers, Energy Storage Suppliers, Academic Researchers, Energy Storage/Power R&D Engineers, Safety Managers, Battery Shipping and Disposal Managers, E-Mobility Industry Members

Thursday, 1 February | 9:00 - 17:00

TS2: Lithium-Ion Battery Cell and Pack Technology

The first part of this seminar will provide an overview of lithium-ion cell technology and an in-depth discussion of the principles guiding the design of both high-energy and high-power lithium-ion cells. The second part will present the overall design of battery systems, the product development process, cost, and system validation.


Bob Spotnitz, President, Battery Design LLC

Kevin Konecky, Battery Systems Consultant, Total Battery Consulting, Inc.


  • Overview of Li-ion cell technology and discussion of the principles guiding the designs of both high-energy and high-power cells and their manufacturing technology
  • Porous electrode theory
  • Impact of potential improvements in materials and processes
  • Introduction to battery systems
  • System specification development
  • System design: cell and module design, and mechanical, thermal, and battery management (hardware and software)
  • Product development process overview w/ key milestones and cost considerations

Engineers and scientists working for materials and component companies, battery developers, pack developers, and OEMS; and business development and technical sales who are looking to gain a deeper understand of the product and development process; corporate and financial investors who seek technical overview of the technology that will enable vehicle electrification.