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Governments across the globe and international automakers alike have recently become more bullish on the future of electrified transportation. Consequently, the technological development needed to support vehicle electrification must keep pace with rising expectations – batteries with enhanced performance, durability, cost, and abuse tolerance are indeed crucial to the viability of each of the hybrid/electric vehicle powertrains. AABC was founded to review the status of automotive battery technology and provide informed glimpses into the future. The AABC 2018 program uncovered the underlying technical and business issues that will impact the pace and path of vehicle electrification worldwide. Lithium-Ion batteries are the chief candidate for most xEV applications. Yet, for each of them, some fundamental questions remain:

  • What are their specific anode, cathode, and electrolyte chemistries?
  • Which cell design?
  • Which pack design?
  • Which suppliers?
  • At what cost?
  • In what volume for each category?

These questions were addressed at AABC 2018, where chief battery technologists presented their development trends and projected battery needs, and key suppliers will present their latest offerings and roadmaps for the future.

2018 Programs

Plenary Session: Market Expansion of xEVs and their Batteries

Dan Sperling, PhD

Technology, Incentives, Regulations, and Customer Interest

Dan Sperling, PhD, Distinguished Blue Planet Prize Professor of Engineering and Environmental Science and Policy, ITS Davis

Ted Miller

xEV Implementation – What’s Working and What’s Not?

Ted Miller, Senior Manager, Energy Storage Strategy and Research, Ford Motor Company

Michael Lord

Toyota’s View on Electrification of the Major World Vehicle Markets

Michael Lord, Executive Engineer, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing, NA

Menahem Anderman, PhD

xEV-Architecture Directions in the Major World Markets

Menahem Anderman, PhD, President, Total Battery Consulting, Inc.

Mark Lu, PhD

Key Issues in Promotion of Chinese plug-in Vehicles and the Differences between Chinese NEVs and those in the Rest of the World

Mark Lu, PhD, Certified Senior Industrial Analyst, Industrial Economics & Knowledge Center (IEK), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

Takeshi Miyamoto

Latest Analysis of xEV and LIB Battery Technology and Market Trends

Takeshi Miyamoto, Senior Vice President, B3 Corporation


"Not just the hype you sometimes get in purely research conferences."
- Stanley Whittingham, Ph.D., Binghamton University

"It's really the whole ecosystem of the battery world. We find it extremely valuable."
- Ted Miller, Ford Motor Company

"The AABC meeting is what I consider the premier automotive battery meeting in the world."
- Greg MacLean, Ph.D., General Motors