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The 17th annual AABC event brought together 600 delegates from 20 vehicle OEMs, more than 30 battery manufacturers, and other key representatives of the battery supply chain for stimulating discussions and candid conversations on the future of automotive energy storage and vehicle electrification. AABC will continue to attract international thought leaders and chief battery technologists from major automobile makers and their suppliers to discuss key issues impacting the technology and market of advanced vehicles and the batteries that will power them. As the electric vehicle market expands amid increasing pressure from looming regulatory deadlines, the need to develop batteries with better performance and lower cost has never been stronger. AABC is committed to providing an invaluable opportunity to delve into these challenges, discuss breakthroughs and best practices, and learn from the researchers and engineers who are bringing these technologies forward to consumers.


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June 19-20







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2017 Plenary Keynote Session: xEV and xEV-Battery Market

Michael LordMeeting ZEV and Customer Requirements

Michael Lord, Executive Engineer, Product Regulatory Affairs/Environmental Regulation, Toyota Motor North America

Mike McCarthyCalifornia CO2 Reduction Targets

Mike McCarthy, CTO, ECARS, California Air Resources Board

Mark LuThe Continuously Evolving Status of the Chinese xEV Market, and a Strategic Analysis of the Top Battery Companies

Mark Lu, Certified Senior Industrial Analyst, Industrial Economics & Knowledge Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute

Robert BienenfeldxEV Technologies to Reach ZEV Targets and Lower Fuel Consumption

Robert Bienenfeld, Assistant Vice President, Environment & Energy Strategy, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Menahem AndermanxEV Expansion by World Region

Menahem Anderman, Ph.D., President, Total Battery Consulting, Inc.

Sachiya InagakiPresent Status and Future Trend of LiB Cell and Material Market – How Manufacturers in Each Country/Region Should Do Business

Sachiya Inagaki, General Manager, Industrial Technology Unit, Yano Research Institute, Ltd.

Ride & Drive

Ride and Drive IconTake a test drive of the 2017 Honda Clarity and Toyota Mirai fuel cell electric vehicles. The test drive is open to all attendees.

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Thank you for visiting our website for AABC 2018. The Call for Papers will open in November, but until then, I encourage you to mark your calendar for June 4-7, 2018 in San Diego.

- Menahem Anderman, Conference Chair

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xEV Battery Technology, Application, and Market

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