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Welcome to the 16th Annual Advanced Automotive Battery Conference!

For more than 15 years, the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference has attracted international thought leaders and battery technologists from major automobile makers and their suppliers to discuss key issues impacting the technology and market of advanced vehicles and the batteries that will power them. As the electric vehicle market expands amid increasing pressure from looming regulatory deadlines, the need to develop batteries with better performance and lower cost has never been stronger. AABC provides an invaluable opportunity to delve into these challenges, discuss breakthroughs and best practices, and learn from the researchers and engineers who are bringing these technologies forward to consumers.


Our expanded program for 2016 spans five days, offering a dedicated pre-conference tutorial day on June 13 followed by two R&D Symposia focused on recent advances in Battery Chemistries and Engineering to support the next generation of commercially viable automotive batteries, as well as three parallel tracks exploring the applications and opportunities for xEVs, Lead-Based Batteries, and Fuel Cell Systems. This year’s event will also provide ample time outside of the session room to have dynamic discussions with technical poster presenters, meet with exhibitors to explore the latest developments, and network with speakers and other attendees.

Program Highlights

Assessment of the Current xEV & xEV-Battery Markets

xEV-Battery Technology Updates
[Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford, GM, Honda, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan, Toyota]

Battery Safety Testing: Materials, Cells, Packs,
and In-Vehicle

Beyond Lithium Ion – Solid-State Systems and  Li Sulfur Challenges & Opportunities

Fuel Cell Technology and Commercial Status Update: Components & Systems 

Lead-Based Battery Technological Advances & New Applications

Network with Battery Technologists from More than a Dozen Top Automotive OEMs

NEW FOR 2016! Special VIP Access for Local Automotive Energy Storage Professionals

Keynote & Plenary Presentations

Future Trends of Li-Ion Batteries
M. Stanley Whittingham, D.Phil., Distinguished Professor, Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering, Binghamton University 

Vehicle Electrification: Challenges and Opportunities
Kevin Layden, Director, Electrified Powertrain Engineering, Ford Motor Company 

Electric Vehicles: Current Status and Future View of Nissan
Yasuharu Watanabe, General Manager, EV and HEV Battery Engineering Department, Nissan Motor Company 

Toyota’s Electrification Roadmap
Michael Lord, Executive Engineer, Vehicle Regulation & Certification Engineering, Toyota Technical Center, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing NA  

xEV Expansion, Technology and Market Outlook
Menahem Anderman, Ph.D., President, Total Battery Consulting
Analysis of xEV/LIB Market Trends and Findings from the Tear-down Program of xEV
Takeshi Miyamoto, Senior Vice President, B3 Corporation 

Hybrids versus Diesel and Other Technologies 
John German, Senior Fellow, ICCT

Status of FCEVs and H2 Infrastructure in California - The Challenges Met and What’s Next
Bill Elrick, Executive Director, California Fuel Cell Partnership

Charging Infrastructure Progress and Challenges
Mark Duvall, Director, Electric Transportation and Energy Storage, Electric Power Research Institute 

Charging Infrastructure – Southern California Edison Experience 
Jordan W. Smith, Engineering Manager Advanced Technology, Southern California Edison

“Thank you for visiting our new website! I encourage you to review the Final Agenda for our next AABC event taking place in Detroit.

- Menahem Anderman, Conference Chair

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Battery Chemistries for Automotive Applications
xEV Battery Technology, Application, and Market

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