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LLIBTA Symposium - Large Lithium Ion Battery Technology and Application
Track B: Battery Engineering and Application

Tuesday, February 5 to Wednesday, February 6, 2013

AABC 2013 LLIBTA Symposium - Large Lithium Ion Battery Technology and Application - Track B: Battery Engineering and Application - overview

Robert Spotnitz

Session B1: Cell Engineering and Thermal Design and Simulation


Session Chairman:

Dr. Robert Spotnitz, President, Battery Design LLC


Dr. Spotnitz is a leading developer of mathematical models that simulate battery operation. Dr. Spotnitz, who previously held several senior technical positions in materials and battery development, founded Battery Design in 1999 to provide consulting and develop custom software for battery developers and users. He is a well-known speaker on various aspects of battery engineering.

Mark Verbrugge

Session B2: Battery Life: Design, Testing, and Modeling


Session Chairman:

Dr. Mark Verbrugge, Director of Chemical Sciences and Materials Systems Laboratory, General Motors


Dr. Verbrugge’s Laboratory (1) maintains global research programs enabled by the disciplines or chemistry, physics, and materials science and (2) targets the advanced development of structural subsystems, energy storage devices, and various technologies associated with fuels, lubricants, and emissions. He is a Board Member of the United States Automotive Materials Partnership and the United States Advanced Battery Consortium and an adjunct professor for the Department of Physics, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2009. He has published extensively on the topic of battery modeling, among others.

Brian Barnett

Session B3: Battery Safety and Abuse Tolerance Validation


Session Chairman:

Dr. Brian M. Barnett, Vice President, TIAX LLC


Dr. Barnett is a Vice President at TIAX LLC where his multidisciplinary team develops advanced battery materials, battery technologies, and battery-safety technologies. He has played a founding role in developing polymer electrolyte battery technology, carbon anode materials, battery safety technologies, and high-energy, high-power cathode material. Prior to TIAX, Dr. Barnett was a Vice President and Member of the Board of Directors at Arthur D. Little where he directed battery activities.