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program overview

Advanced Automotive Battery Conference, AABC Asia 2014 - Program Overview.

May 20 - 21

LLIBTA Symposium


Large Lithium Ion Battery Technology and Application

  • Next-Generation Cell Materials
  • Roadmap for Lithium-Ion Cell Materials Development
  • Light- and Specialty-EV Technology and Market
May 21 - 23

AABTAM Symposium


Advanced Automotive Battery Technology, Application and Market

  • xEV and xEV-Battery Market
  • Energy-Storage Requirements and Solutions for Low-Voltage Hybrids
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries for High-Voltage HEVs and PHEVs
  • EV Technology, Logistics, and Infrastructure
May 19 and 21
  • Lithium-Ion Cell Engineering Fundamentals
  • Lithium-Ion Cell Materials Fundamentals
  • Battery Design and Performance Simulation
  • High-Energy Batteries: Advanced Lithium Ion and Beyond
  • Lithium-Ion Cell Manufacturing