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The last five years

Advanced Automotive Battery Conferences Reviews

"Good Opportunity to meet industry professionals from government, auto makers, developers, manufacturers, etc."

Guy Ebbrell, Ballard Materials Products

“My overall experience was outstanding. The best aspects of AABC-09 were the networking opportunities, and the posters and papers showing new technologies.”

Pablo Medina, University of Michigan

“Overall, AABC-09 was an excellent conference.”

Mike McCabe, Reliant Energy

“AABC-09 is an excellent event for learning and networking. Fantastic! I will return.”

Mike Martin, Dana Long Manufacturing

“I appreciated the excellent opportunities to meet cell and batteries suppliers. The speaker tables for lunch discussions was a brilliant idea!”

Greg MacLean, General Motors Corporation

“AABC-09 was a very nice conference. Excellent exhibits.”

Henry Kim, Toyo System Co., Ltd.

“Great choice of outstanding speakers and topics, quality presentations with outstanding food and events!”

Elise Keddie, California Air Resources Board

“The best aspect of AABC-09 for me was the valuable business opportunities from a realistic point of view.”

Tom Kaun, InvenTek Corporation

"Great technical program and fantastic networking opportunities."

J. J. Livingstone, AeroVironment, Inc.

"Excellent overall"

Efrain Ornelas, PG&E

"Excellent service from conference staff and I appreciate the attention to detail. Well planned, relevant with the right people, companies and technologies present"

Chris Botting, Azure Dynamics

"Excellent educational experience"

Alvin Feingold, Electro Science Labs

"Excellent mix of subjects presented"

Ryan Harty, Honda R&D

"Excellent talks. Excellent overview in a very short time frame"

Martin Payne, Ferro Corporation

"Having the battery community all in one place and seeing where the current state of technology is at is the best aspect. The presentations were excellent, thank you"

Euthemios Stamos, DaimlerChrysler

"Great conference, well executed"

R. Johnson, Nanotechture

“AABC together with the LLIBTA and UCAP as well as the tutorials is a unique concept for a conference giving a broad override of the technology and market”

Michael Spahr, Timcal LTD

“Excellent conference, excellent speakers”

Cyrus Ashtiani, DaimlerChrysler Corporation

“Excellent conference, both in terms of content and high quality of participants and broad range of industry people.”

Ulrik Grape, Enerdel, Inc.

“It is the best meeting I’ve ever attended, thanks to all the AAB staff!”

Jun Liu, Argonne National Lab

“My first AABC-and one of the best technical conferences I have attended. Very professional, very well done.”

Michael Millikin, BioAge Groupe LLC

“Sets the gold standard for battery conferences.”

Jeff Orens, Air Products

 “This was my first AABC. I had high expectations and was not disappointed. Everything was excellent from the staff during registration, to the subject matter of the discussions. I’m looking forward to future AABC conferences.”

Robert Lucas, Caterpillar

“Very enlightening!”

Chris Rowland, Shell

“Fantastic audience, senior decision makers.”

John Jutila, Celgard

“Outstanding overview of materials used by the industry.”

Bill Casteel, Air Products and Chemicals

“Very very good overview. Excellent assessment.”

Robert Selman, Illinois Institute of Technology

“A very well researched analysis. Very informative! An eye opener in some respects.”

Matthew Stewart, Altair

“Clear, brief and concise presentation.”

Maria Roma, Philippine Batteries Inc.

“Excellent presentations, great networking.”

Kurt Kelley, Firefly Energy

"Good conference for getting suppliers and customers together."

Jim Symanski, Johnson Controls, Inc

"Q & A was very active and fruitful."

Ikuo Yonezu, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

"Very timely conference; excellent organization."

Martin Winter, Graz University of Technology

"Well organized, best conference attended yet!"

Robert Craig, Corning Incorporated

"Good opportunity to meet industry professionals from government, automakers, developers, manufacturers, etc."

Guy Ebbrell, Ballard Materials Products

"Well organized programs."

Akihiko Emori, Hitachi, Ltd.

"I got good information at this conference, thank you!"

Jun Furukawa, Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd.

"Great conference!"

Kevin konecky, Cobasys

"Excellent conference; well produced. Keep up the good work."

Mark Juzkow, Voltsource

"Nice selection of presentation/classifying papers in nice grouping."

Hyun Woo Kim, TOYO System Co., Ltd.

"Excellent conference."

Hironori Kobayashi, AIST Natl Inst of Adv Indus Sci &Tech

"Good mixture of car and battery industry."

Dirk-Uwe Sauer, University of Aachen

"Excellent. Thanks for organizing this wonderful conference."

Hideharu Takemoto, Honda R&D Americas Inc.

"Moving rapidly up the learning curve, best conference to understand the state of the art."

Danilo Santini, Argonne National Laboratory

"Excellent meeting, significant new information."

Bill Casteel, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

"This conference is about as technically focused as they come. Clearly, Anderman's insights are well respected, and his conference is well attended."

Bill Moore, EV World

"Excellent conference. Very beneficial to understand the state of the industry.”

Eric Lind, Conoco Philips Company

"Outstanding in all ways – from a 15-year veteran of trade shows.”

Jerome Wiedmann, Zinc Matrix power

"This is an outstanding, practical conference; in particular very helpful for HEV growing.”

Lianying Zhang, Visteon

"This is one of the best, if not the best, conferences around.”

Wsewolod Hnatczuk,TACOM/TARDIC/NAC

"Satisfaction four years in a row. Again, practical, current, applicable information and contacts.”

Kevin Smith, East Penn Manufacturing Company

"... the most comprehensive conference I have attended in years. It was a perfect mix of today's new working technologies (i.e. Toyota's Hybrid) and advanced products in the fields of batteries, capacitors and fuel cells, with the respective papers being focused on customers' needs and product value. This short conference gave our company a much better understanding of where technology is heading and helped us scope out the direction of our future products developments."

Thomas Dougherty, Johnson Controls

"Best conference to meet all relevant people from materials/system suppliers to OEM's in the battery/automotive business."

Guenther Gutmann, DaimlerChrysler

"Very nice conference again - one of my favorite for practical technology information."

Kevin Smith, East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc.

"I liked the diversity of presentations. Focus on US and EU requirement very good. Excellent organization."

Lutz Gaedt, Ford Motor Company

"The staff is excellent and very helpful. The conference content and organization is excellent. I appreciated frequent opportunities to network."

Catherine Dunwoody, California Fuel Cell Partnership

"Very organized conference, great support from staff."

Ahmad Peasaran, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

"Excellent conference organization... Outstanding!"

Ted Miller, Ford Motor Company

"Well organized and meaningful. Very worthwhile. Thanks!"

Robert Flicker, East Penn Manufacturing Co.

"Very good conference with significant value for all to learn.

Paul Hinzpeter, Bitrode Corporation

"Excellent conference full of valuable insights!

Bob Spotnitz, Battery Design

"Excellent quality of speakers and industry experience of attendees.

Eric Carlson, Arthur D Little

"Great Meeting!

Ikuo Yonezu, Sanyo Electric

"Excellent conference!"

Ben Knight, Honda

"Very interesting papers!"

Emmanuel Julian, Fiat - CRT

"Great conference!

Kevin Konecky, General Motors

"Good Opportunity to meet industry professionals from government, automakers, developers, manufacturers, etc."

Guy Ebbrell, Ballard Materials Products