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Advanced Automotive & Industrial/ Stationary Battery Conference
June 15 - 19, 2015 - Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center, Detroit, Michigan
Larry Nitz, from GM, discussed the challenges and opportunities for mainstream vehicle electrification.Dave Howell, from DOE, provided an overview of DOE’s electric drive vehicle battery R&D and its impact on the emerging market.Kevin Trenholme, from Kiva, explained Kiva’s shift from lead acid to a lithium ion based system of powering robots.Mark Mathias, GM, reviewed the status and trajectory of automotive fuel cell technology.Menahem Anderman, AAB, showed how regulations, incentives and technology shape the new electrified-vehicle offerings and market.Monique Richards, from Toyota, discussed battery materials development for vehicle applications.Bob Spotnitz, Battery Design LLC, reviewed multilayer electrode coatings.Martin Winter, University of Muenster, presented on the recharge-ability of the Li metal electrode.Uwe Weidemann, AVL List GmbH, discussed battery pack electrical design.Mark Verbrugge, General Motors, reviewed life considerations for lithiated silicon electrodes.Frank Moebius, from BMW, chaired a session on batteries for low- and high-voltage hybrids.Daniel Kok, from Ford, explained how vehicle level attributes drive high voltage battery system design.Dan Lim, from Hyundai, discussed Hyundai’s high voltage battery systems, developed in order to maximize merchantability and utilization of space for customers.William Wallace, GM, chaired a session on PHEV & EV battery technology.Ted Miller, Ford, discussed rechargeable energy storage system safety, performance and modeling.  

AAB thanks the chairmen, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and poster presenters for the outstanding quality of their contributions at AABC 2015 and also extends a warm thank you to all attendees. Over 540 attendees participated in the 15th international Advanced Automotive Battery Conference, held in Detroit at GM’s world headquarters.

Top automotive energy-storage technologists from major car companies and their energy-storage suppliers convened for dynamic discussions focusing on the technological development and market opportunities for both automotive and industrial/stationary battery applications. Networking events, which included 44 exhibitors, provided a lively environment for discussion and business opportunities outside the conference sessions. AABC’s OEM battery pavilion, sponsored by AVL, was the first of its kind in the U.S and the Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford and Fiat batteries on display attracted enthusiastic attendees.