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Advanced Automotive & Stationary Battery Conference
January 26 - 29, 2015 - Rheingoldhalle Congress Centrum, Mainz, Germany
Andreas Jossen presented an overview of energy storage in European cooperative research and development at TUM. Jean-Marie Tarascon discussed the recent direction and advances dealing with Li-Ion technologies and beyond. Martin Winter discussed how a higher energy and power of Li-Ion battery might be achieved with cathode materials. Menahem Anderman provided insight into how Tesla’s success and its Gigafactory will impact the xEV industry. Michael Everett explored the challenges of optimizing hybrid energy-storage architecture. Bob Spotnitz discussed the current state of simulation in cell and battery design. Uwe Wiedemann reviewed pouch versus prismatic cell designs in mass production of xEVs. Chad Hall explored the possibilities offered by pairing batteries with ultracapacitors to expand charge and discharge capabilities. Patrice Simon presented results from experimental studies on the ion confinement effect on the electromagnetic. Michael Danzer reviewed distributed energy-storage technology and discussed technology commercial roadmaps as the market expands. Frank Mobius explained the high-voltage battery technology used in the BMW Plug-In Hybrid X5 e-Drive and explored the outlook for further applications at BMW. Eckhard Karden provided an overview of key requirements, emerging solutions and challenges for micro-hybrid systems. Koji Ishiwa explored the performance of low-voltage hybrid vehicles using advanced Start & Stop systems. Seungdon reviewed advances in high-energy density lithium-ion polymer batteries for PHEV & EV.

AAB thanks the chairmen, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and poster presenters for the outstanding quality of their contributions at AABC Europe 2015 and also extends a warm thank you to the 450 attendees. The first AABC conference to include a symposium on stationary batteries provided some important insights into the direction of both the advanced automotive and stationary battery technology, with an emphasis on European perspectives. AABC's first OEM battery pavilion attracted enthusiastic attention during the well attended networking events.