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program overview

AABC Europe 2012. Program Overview

AABTAM Symposium
Advanced Automotive Battery Technology, Application and Market
The AABTAM symposium reviewed the latest development projects and offerings of high-volume and specialty automakers, the corresponding battery technologies, and the commercialization trends and prospects of both.
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LLIBTA Symposium (in parallel with ECCAP)
ECCAP Symposium (in parallel with LLIBTA)
Large Lithium Ion Battery Technology and Application
The LLIBTA symposium focused on large Li-Ion technology & application and industry leaders provided insights into materials, safety and reliability, and stationary applications for large Li-Ion batteries.
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Large EC Capacitor Technology and Application
The ECCAP symposium explored the latest developments in the large electrochemical (EC) capacitor, including EC Capacitor applications ranging from utility grid stabilization to emergency backup systems and to hybrid electric buses. Experts reviewed advances in materials and cell design, as well as pack engineering and performance in key applications.
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The five Tutorials offered, covered the following topics:
  1. EC Capacitor Cell Technology
  2. EC Capacitor Pack Technology
  3. Lithium-Ion Cell Engineering
  4. High-Energy Batteries
  5. Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Engineering for Automotive Applications
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