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poster sessions

AABC Europe 2012. Advanced Automotive Battery Conference. Poster Sessions

Battery developers, materials developers, battery-system integrators presented their R&D findings to the AABC Europe 2012 audience during the three dedicated poster sessions which included 33 posters.


Lithium-Ion Cell Materials
Battery Manufacturing
Battery Life & Safety
Battery Management Systems
Electrochemical Capacitors



Lithium-Ion Cell Materials

  1. Development of High Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries Based on Electrospun Nanofibers Electrodes
    Christophe Aucher, Leitat Technological Center
  2. Introduction of the Chemical Synthesis Hard Carbon for Power LIB
    Tsuyoshi Watanabe, Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.
  3. Current Collector Coating for Improved Rate Capability of Lithium-Ion Battery Electrodes
    Flavio Mornaghini, TIMCAL Ltd.
  4. Wildcat “EM1”
    Ross Russo, WildCat Discovery
  5. Activated Carbon Electrodes Treated at Various Temperature and Pressures: Relations Between Electrochemical and Morphological Properties
    Sonia Dsoke, ZSW
  6. Understanding the Effects of Cationic and Anionic Substitutions in the Spinel Cathodes of Lithium-ion Batteries
    Arturo Gutierrez, University of Texas

Battery Manufacturing

  1. In-line Inspection for Battery Foil Materials - Quality and Process Control for Higher Yields
    Peter-Matthias Heinze, Dr. Schenk GmbH
  2. Industrial Production of Battery Cells and Systems – Scale Up from Lab to Fab
    Mareike Wolter, Fraunhofer institute
  3. Mitsubishi Slot Die - Lip Edge Technology and Simulation Technology
    Toru Fukutomi, MMC Hartmetall GmbH

Battery Life & Safety

  1. A Practical Implementation of High Precision Current Measurement for Coulombic Efficiency Testing
    Juergen Bredenbeck, A&D Technology, Inc.
  2. A Benchmark Method for Aging Tests of Battery Cells in Automotive Applications
    Markus Einhorn, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
  3. An Ageing Experiment for Two Established Lithium Ion Cell Chemistries Using Reference Electrode Equipped Cells
    Wenzel Prochazka, Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (ViF)
  4. Binder Migration and Its Effect on LIB Performance
    Jin Bum Kim, JSR Corporation
  5. Mathematical Methods for Classification of State-of-charge Time Series for Cycle Lifetime Prediction
    Jonny Dambrowski, TU München
  6. Cell Analysis and Battery Forensic
    Thomas Waldmann, ZSW
  7. Root Causes of Thermal Runaway in Lithium Batteries - A Case Study
    Pascal Gouerec, Serma Technologies
  8. Calorimetry for Design of Thermal Management Design and Prediction of Safe Battery Operating Limits
    Jasbir Singh, Hel Group
  9. Safety and Performance Testing of Micro-Porous Polymer Separators with Ceramic Additives and Non-woven Reinforcements
    Tim Feaver, Porous Power Technologies, LLC
  10. Lifetime Predictions Based on Calendar and Cycle Lifetime Studies of NMC-Based 18650 Automotive Lithium-Ion Batteries
    Nerea Nieto, RWTH Aachen University

Battery Management Systems

  1. Strategies for Error Handling and Its Implementation in Battery Management Systems for High Voltage Lithium Ion Batteries
    Josef Berger, RWTH Aachen University
  2. Economic Effects of Different Battery Charging Strategies
    Benedikt Lunz, RWTH Aachen University
  3. Concept for Enhanced Fault Detection in Traction Batteries
    Georg Fauser, Fraunhofer institute
  4. It‘s All About Cell-integration: Cell-Integtrated Battery Management System Enables Plug & Play Concept
    Cornelius Geiger, BatteryMan Technology
  5. A Software Configurable Battery
    Barrie Lawson, CHEEVC
  6. MMC TH Series Thermistors - High Reliability and Migration Resistance
    Toshiyuki Chiba, Mitsubishi Materials USA Corporation   
  7. Continuous Cell-to-cell Balancing with Lithium Batteries
    Erik Verhaeven, 4ESYS
Electrochemical Capacitors


  1. Experiences with Energy Storage Systems Based on Large EC Capacitors on Hybrid Buses and Trucks
    Rudy Vidael, 4ESYS
  2. Development of Industrial Supercapacitors with Novel Materials for the Integration in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
    Christophe Aucher, Leitat Technological Center
  3. Why Ultracapacitors Should Be Used for Hybrid/Automotive Applications?
    Jeremy Cowperthwaite, Maxwell Technologies
  4. Template Fabrication of Highly Ordered MnO2 Nanowire and Nanotube Arrays and Their Application in Supercapacitors
    Yong Lei, Technische Universität Ilmenau


  1. SuperLIB Project: Dynamic Electrothermal Modeling of High Energy LFP/C Cells for Innovative Pack Design
    Martin Petit, IFP Energies Nouvelles
  2. Lithium-ion Battery Equipped with Boost Converter for Back-up Application
    Toshio Matsushima, NTT Facilities Research Institute
  3. Electric Commercial Vehicles – for EVs, Mobile Machinery and Traction Batteries
    Mikko Pihlatie, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland