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The Advanced Automotive Battery Conference, AABC

AABC provides a unique forum where the directions of automotive power system technology are revealed by some of its most influential players.

If you missed AABC, you can order copies of the Proceedings.

Highlights from AABC 2009
Long Beach, California, June 2009

Masanori Kitamura, GS Yuasa, takes questions from the audience and highlights the significant life and reliability challenge for EV batteries. Tom Cackette, Executive Officer of the Calif. Air Resources Board, answers questions regarding California regulations for stepping up fuel efficency requirements to combat global warming.
Tom Apalenek, BAE, opens the pack integration specialty vehicle session, informing the audience that BAE is installing lithium ion batteries in hybrid buses. Jun Furukawa affirms better lead acid batteries are coming.


Chief battery technologists from major automakers state automotive energy-storage requirements and their assessments of the status of the technology and the direction of the growing market.
Uwe Wiedemann,
 Eckhard Karken,
Ford Europe
 Kazuo Tojima,
Ryan Harty,
 Matthias Ullrich,
 Jinho Park,
Mark Verbrugge,
General Motors
 Roland Matthe,
General Motors
 Ted Miller,

Highlights from AABC 2008
Tampa, Florida, May 2008

AABC Session 1 - Market Development of HEVs and their Batteries
Conference Chair Menahem Anderman, President of AAB takes questions from the floor
John German, Manager, American Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Danilo Santini, Argonne National Laboratory
Scott Miller, Synovate Motoresearch, Inc.

Tojima-san, principal battery engineer of Toyota explains the severity of the PHEV duty cycle on the battery reliability.

Hironori Harada, Toyota Motor Co.

Roland Matthe, General Motors

Mark Verbrugge, General Motors

AABC Session 1 - Market Development of HEVs and their Batteries
François Orsini, Renault
Hironori Harada, Toyota Motor Co.
Roland Matthe, General Motors
Carol Chambers, AAB Conference Organizer
Tony Markel, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Aymeric Rousseau, Argonne National Laboratory
Andy Chu, A123Systems, Inc.
Steve Clarke of Chrysler,Chairman of USABC Dr. Sheen affirms SK Corp's commitment to HEV business
John German of Honda talks about HEV duty profile in the Q&A session
AABC attracted 890 particpants from 20 countries around the world
Dinner Cruise on board the Yacht Starship on Tampa Bay

Highlights from AABC 2007
Long Beach, May 2007

Session 1 on market development of HEVs and their batteries:
Menahem Anderman, Conference Chair and President of Advanced Automotive Batteries
Hideo Takeshita, Insitute of Information Technology
Tony Andreoni, California Air Resources Board
Scott Miller, Synovate Motorsearch
Mark Verbrugge, General Motors chairs session 2 of AABC AABC Session 2:
Toyota presentation
Tien Duong, Manager, US Department of Energy
Aymeric Rousseau, Argonne National Laboratory
Tony Markel, National Renewable Energy Laboratories
Dominique Portmann, DaimlerChrysler
Michael Andrew, Johnson Controls-Saft
Loic Gaillac, Southern California Edison
Marc Kohler, Valence Technology
Eckhard Karden, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering Europe
Christian Diegelmann, BMW Group
Bengt Wahlqvist, Effpower
Patrick Moseley, International Lead Zinc Research Organization
Kurtis Kelty, Firefly Energy
Benoit Soucaze-Guillous, Valeo
Question and answer session
Menahem Anderman and Thomas Keim of MIT Menahem Anderman with Tien Duong of theDepartment of Energy

Highlights from AABC 2006
Baltimore, May 2006

AABC Session 1: New Hybrid Vehicle Introduction and Market Growth
Panel Speakers:
Scott Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Synovate Motoresearch
Menahem Anderman, AABC Conference Chair
Hideo Takeshita, VP, Institute of Information Technology
David Hermance, Executive Engineer, Toyota Technical Center, USA
AABC Session 4: Advances in NiMH and Lithium-Ion Batteries for Full Hybrids
Panel speakers:
Ikuo Yonezu, General Manager of R&D Business Unit/Energy R&D Center, Sanyo
Kazuo Tojima, Senior Staff Engineer, Toyota
Kazuhiko Aitaka, Chief Engineer, Honda
AABC Session 5: Energy-Storage Systems for Plug-in and Specialty/Heavy Duty Vehicles
Panel Speakers:

Tien Duong, Manager, US Department of Energy
Gus Khalil, Hybrid Electric Research TL, US Army TACOM
Tom Bartley, Manager of New Business, ISE Corporation
Xiaosong Kang, Power Electronics Engineer, Eaton Corporation
Tony Markel, Senior Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Rick Gunthner, VP HEV Battery Sales, Johnson Controls

“To plug-in or not to plug-in?” Tien Duong leads the discussion.

AABC Session 2: Energy-Storage Configuration and Management in Micro and Mild Hybrid Vehicles
Panel Speakers:
Mark Verbrugge, Director, Materials and Processes Lab, General Motors
Yoshitaka Kambe, General Manager, Toyota Motor Corporation
Peter Miller, Director, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Ricardo
Helmut Ollhauser, General Manager/ AFL Electronics Europe, Alcoa Fujikura
Thomas Keim, Principal Research Engineer, MIT Consortium
AABC Session 3: Energy-Storage Solutions for Mild Hybrids
Panel Speakers:
Andy Chu, Development Scientist, A123 Systems
Jeon Keun Oh, Leader, Corporate R&D Center/HEV Battery Project, SK Corporation
Ahmad Pesaran, Principal Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Rainer Knorr, Project Leader, Siemens VDO
Kevin Konecky, Transportation Systems Program Manager, Cobasys LLC
Don Karner, President, Electric Transportation Applications
Mathias Ullrich, Senior Engineer, Volkswagen

Highlights from AABC 2005
Honolulu, Hawaii, June 2005

AABC Session 2: Power Distribution and Energy Storage Configuration, Requirements, and Management in Advanced Vehicles
Panel members:

Mark Verbrugge, Director, Material and Process Labs, General Motors
Tsuyoshi Kameda, Manager, Technical Center, GS Yuasa Manufacturing, Ltd.
Francisco Trinidad, Innovation Director, Exide Tudor
Rainer Knorr, Siemens VDO Automotive AG
Ahmad Pesaran, Manager, Energy Storage Projects for Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicles, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Menahem Anderman, President, Advanced Automotive Batteries

JCI poised for primetime in HEV batteries . . .
AABC Session 4: Advances in NiMH and Li Ion Batteries for Full Hybrids
Panel members:
Shinji Hamada, Staff Engineer, Engineering Department, Panasonic EV Energy
Tsuyoshi Hayashi, Manager, Engineering Department, Toyota Motor Corporation
Christian Rosenkranz, Director Sales and Marketing, VARTA Automotive Systems GmbH, a member of the Johnson Controls Group
James Symanski, Manager, Automotive Systems Group, Johnson Controls

Movers and shakers in the industry:
Tsuyoshi Hayashi, Toyota
Menahem Anderman, AAB
Shinji Hamada, PEVE
Tatsuo Teratani, Toyota

Session 5: Hybridization of Buses, Delivery Trucks, and Military Vehicles and their Energy Storage Systems
Panel members:
Robert King, Electrical Engineer, Electrical Machines and Drives Laboratory, General Electric Global Research Center
Kenneth Kelly, Senior Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Takefumi Inoue, Manager, Large-scale Lithium-ion Battery Engineering Department, GS Yuasa Technology Ltd.
Michel Broussely, Scientific Director, Saft France

Poster Presentations at AABC-05

JCI exhibit at AABC-05AABC-05 Dinner around the pool at the Sheraton

Highlights from AABC 2004
San Francisco, June 2004
Automakers gather at AABC-04 in San Francisco to discuss power source requirements for hybrid vehicles

Kazuo Tojima
Senior Staff Engineer, Toyota
 Noboru Sato
Former Chief Engineer, Honda R&D
 Takeshi Miyamoto
Manager Advanced Powertrain Engineering Group, Nissan
Scott Jorgensen
Manager Energy Storage, General Motors R&D
 Ted Miller
Technical Specialist, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering
 Cyrus Ashtiani
Manager, Advance Battery Programs, DaimlerChrysler


AABC-04 Panel Sessions
Session 1: New Vehicle Introduction and Market Growth
Panel members:

David Hermance, Executive Engineer, Toyota U.S.
Alan Lloyd, Chairman, California Air Resources Board
Ted Miller, Technical Specialist, Ford
Menahem Anderman, President, Advanced Automotive Batteries
Hideo Takeshita, Vice President, Institute of Information Technology
Session 3A: The Use of Lead Acid Battery in Advanced Vehicles
Panel members:

Asahiko Miura, Senior Engineer, R&D Division, Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery
Shoji Shiga, Managing Director, Furukawa Battery Co.
Chester Motloch, Consulting Engineer, INEEL
Robert Nelson, President, Recombination Technologies
Alan Cooper, European Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium



Ikuo Yonezu, (General Manager, Sanyo Electric Co.) delivers a paper on high-performance nickel-metal hydride battery technologies for HEV Mike Saft (Saft), Tim Murphy (Idaho National Laboratory) and Menahem Anderman (AAB) in discussion

Ahmad Pesaran (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), Robert Spotnitz (Battery Design Company) and Keith Kepler (Farasis Energy) in discussion Dan Herrera, (Associate Director for Mobility Technology, US Army TACOM) discusses military hybrid vehicle programs

AABC-04 delegates relax over lunch

Highlights from AABC 2003
Acropolis Convention Center, Nice, France, June 10-13, 2003
The power systems that will enable 42V and advanced vehicles - presentation and debate by industry leaders