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Tutorials & Workshop
Monday, February 6 to Tuesday, February 7, 2012

AABC 2012. Tutorial A

Tutorial A:
Large Lithium-Ion Battery Design Principles


Robert Spotnitz
Presented by:
Robert Spotnitz,
President, Battery Design LLC


Dr. Spotnitz is a leading developer of mathematical models that simulate battery operation. Dr. Spotnitz, who previously held several senior technical positions in materials and battery development, founded Battery Design in 1999 to provide consulting and develop custom software for battery developers and users. He is a well-known speaker on various aspects of battery engineering.

  • General Aspects of Lithium-Ion Battery Technology
  • Cell Design – Principles and Survey
    • Energy vs. power
    • Thermal design
    • Mechanical design
    • Performance estimation
  • Pack Design – Overview
    • Thermal
    • Electrical
    • Battery management system
    • Reliability
  • Abuse Tolerance
  • Cost
  • Outlook