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AABC Asia 2014. Schedule

Monday May 19


9:00-19:00Registration Hours
10:00-11:40Tutorial A: Lithium-Ion Cell Engineering Fundamentals
Robert Spotnitz, Battery Design LLC
13:00-14:40Tutorial B: Lithium-Ion Cell Materials Fundamentals
Martin Winter, Muenster University
15:00-16:40Tutorial C: Lithium-Ion Cell Design and Manufacturing
Kazunori Ozawa, Li Ion Cell Design and Manufacturing Consultant
17:00-18:40Tutorial D: High-Energy Density Batteries: Advanced Lithium Ion and Beyond
Martin Winter, Muenster University

Tuesday May 20

7:30-17:30Registration Hours
17:30-19:00Exhibit Hall Hours
9:00-12:00LLIBTA Session 1: Next-Generation Cell Materials
Yoshio Ukyo, Kyoto University - Martin Winter, Muenster University  
12:45-14:00postersPosters, Coffee & Desserts
14:00-17:20LLIBTA Session 2: Roadmap for Lithium-Ion Cell Materials Development
Chika Amemiya, Automotive Energy Supply Corporation - Robert Spotnitz, Battery Design
17:30-19:00Networking Mixer in Exhibit Hall

Wednesday May 21

8:00-17:30Registration Hours
12:00-19:30Exhibit Hall Hours
9:00-12:00LLIBTA Session 3: Light- and Specialty-EV Technology and Market
Mo-Hua Yang, TD HiTech Energy and EnergyBus e.V. - Tatsuo Horiba, Mie University
12:45-14:30Exhibits, Coffee & Desserts
12:45-14:30PostersPosters, Coffee & Desserts
12:45-14:15Tutorial E: Battery Design and Performance Simulation
Robert Spotnitz, Battery Design LLC
14:30-17:15AABTAM Session 1: xEV and xEV-Battery Market
Menahem Anderman, Advanced Automotive Batteries - Michael Lord, Toyota
17:30-19:30Networking Mixer in Exhibit Hall

Thursday May 22

8:00-18:00Registration Hours
10:00-15:00Exhibit Hall Hours
9:00-12:25AABTAM Session 2: Energy-Storage Requirements and Solutions for Low-Voltage Hybrids
Tadatoshi Asada, DENSO Corporation - Heinz-Willi Vassen, Audi AG


-14:30Exhibits, Coffee & Desserts


-14:30PostersPosters, Coffee & Desserts
14:30-17:45AABTAM Session 3: Batteries for High-Voltage HEVs and PHEVs
Minoru Noguchi, Honda R&D Co. - Ted J. Miller, Ford

Friday May 23

8:00-13:00Registration Hours
9:00-12:00AABTAM Session 4: Plug-In Vehicle Technology and Infrastructure
Takeshi Miyamoto, Nissan Motor Co. - William Wallace, General Motors Co.