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program overview

AABC 2013. Program Overview

AABTAM Symposium

Advanced Automotive Battery Technology, Application and Market
During AABTAM, international automakers, their suppliers, and stakeholders reviewed and discussed the latest development projects and offerings of high-volume and specialty automakers, the corresponding battery technologies, and the commercialization trends and prospects of both.
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LLIBTA Symposium (Track A and B are run simultaneously)


Track B: Battery Engineering and Application

n this track, cell and pack engineering was discussed for various large-battery applications. We explored Li-Ion battery life requirements in advanced automotive and key stationary / specialty applications, as well as fading mechanisms, life prediction models and life-test data. Battery safety design and abuse tolerance verification were also be discussed.
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Track A: Cell Materials and Chemistry

In this track, we reviewed the recent developments and future prospects of advanced cathodes, anodes, and electrolytes that promise to deliver enhanced performance, life, and safety, at equal or lower cost and to provide enhanced value to large Li-Ion batteries. We also explored advances in inactive materials and electrode technology and review the opportunities and challenges for futuristic rechargeable battery chemistries that are theoretically capable of providing higher energy densities and/or lower cost than Lithium-Ion chemistries.
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Four Tutorials were offered, covering the following fundamental topics:
  1. Lithium-Ion Cell Engineering
  2. High-Energy-Density Batteries
  3. Battery Safety
  4. Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Engineering