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ECCAP Symposium
Large EC Capacitor Technology and Application
Tuesday, June 19 to Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ECCAP Symposium 2012. AABC Europe 2012 – Introduction

Katsuhiko Naoi
Session 1: Advances in EC Capacitor Materials and Cell Design

Session Chairman:
Katsuhiko Naoi, Professor of Chemistry, Institute of Symbiotic Science & Technology, Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology

To enhance the value proposition of EC Capacitors by boosting cell performance, improvements in electrode capacity, power performance, electrolyte properties, electrode technology, and cell design are desired. ECCAP Session 1 reviewed the latest advances in materials, including the development of low-cost materials and processes to meet the pricing threshold of most markets, and in cell designs, including development of advanced asymmetric ECs.

John R. Miller
Session 2: New EC Capacitor Products and Business Development

Session Chairman:
John R. Miller, President, JME, Inc.

Session 2 reviewed new capacitor products and EC business development. Leaders from key companies discussed future products and business strategies as they expand their product offerings to support growth of energy-efficient industrial, utility, and transportation-related energy storage systems.

Michael Meinert
Session 3: EC Capacitor Storage System Applications

Session Chairman:
Michael Meinert, Head of R&D-group energy storage systems, Mobility Division, Industry Sector, Siemens AG

EC Capacitor modules are designed to optimally meet energy-storage requirements of specific applications at the highest level of reliability and lowest possible cost. In some applications, the EC Capacitor is the only energy-storage technology used while in others it is combined with power generation or battery storage. ECCAP Session 3 reviewed EC module design and system engineering to meet performance goals of key applications, including those related to transportation, to industrial energy conservation, and to the utility grid.