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The Advanced Automotive Battery Conference, LLIBTA

This symposium covered life, abuse tolerance, and new material and cell design for large Li-Ion batteries, and prompted heated discussions about the choice of cathode material relative to cost, life, and robust tolerance.


Large Li Ion batteries are moving from development into early commercialization and the LLIBTA Symposia provided snapshots of the rapid technology and market growth as well as the technological and business barriers:
  • New battery materials are under development, the main challenge providing higher performance and longer life while reducing cost and volatility, not an easy chore.
  • New applications are emerging but in most cases the high cost can only be justified if the battery life is longer than 8 to 10 years.
  • Safety standards are emerging but how well they will correlate to events in the field, we do not yet know.

If you missed LLIBTA, you can order copies of the Proceedings.

Highlights from LLIBTA 2009
Long Beach, California, June 2009

Peter Roth, Sandia National Laboratories, briefs the audience on the latest safety results from Scania's lab. Sarah Stewart of Exponent and Joe LoGrasso from GMdiscuss lithium ion battery life. Martin Winter promises better battery materials to come.
Another lively reception in the exhibit area: Imara Corporation, Caran Precision, and Celgard.
Asahi Kasei and Showa Denko exhibitors dialogue with attendees.

Highlights from LLIBTA 2008
Tampa, Florida, May 2008

Martin Winter of the University of Muenster chairs the LLIBTA Materials session
Cyrus Ashtiani of Chrysler LLC chairs the LLIBTA session on safety and reliability of Li-Ion batteries Damian Gardley, Compact Power

Highlights from LLIBTA 2007
Long Beach, May 2007

Mo-Hua Yang of Industrial Technology Research Institute chairs session 4 of LLIBTA Session 4 panel members:
Jiang Fan, American Lithium Energy
Jeon Keun Oh, SK Corporation
Robert Selman, Illinois Institute of Technology
LLIBTA Session 1
Session 4 panel members:
JB Straubel, Tesla Motors
Ric Fulop, A123Systems
Subhas Chalasani, The Boeing Company
Jiang Fan, American Lithium Energy
Jeun Keun Oh, Sk Corporation
Robert Selman, Illinois Institute of Technology
Martin Winter, TU Graz
Yoshihiro Ushigoe, Ube Industries
Jan-Christophe Panitz, Chemetall
William Casteel, Air Products and Chemicals
Khalil Amine, Argonne National Laboratory

Highlights from LLIBTA 2006
Baltimore, May 2006

SESSION 2 - New Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries
Panel Speakers:
Yoshihiro Ushigoe, Researcher, Ube Industries
Brett Lucht, Associate Professor, Rhode Island University
Veselin Manev, Principal Scientist, Altair Nanotechnologies
Hideharo Sato, Research Scientist, Mitsubishi Chemical Group
Hisashi Tsukamoto, CEO and CTO, Quallion LLC
Kirby Beard, Chief Operations Officer, Porous Power Technologies
Martin Winter, Graz University
SESSION 3 - From Power Tools to Hybrid Vehicles – Migration of Lithium Ion Batteries to Larger Pack Applications
Panel Speakers
Peter Roth, Project Leader for Advanced Technology Development Program, Sandia National Lab
Hisashi Tsukamoto, CEO and CTO, Quallion LLC
Joon Kim, CEO, Kokam America
Ric Fulop, VP Business Development & Marketing, A123 Systems
Jan Reimers, Manager, Materials Research, E-One Moli Energy
George Kerchner, Regulatory Analyst, Wiley Rein & Fielding LLP
Hideo Takeshita, VP, Institute of Information Technology
James Barnes, Technology Development, US Department of Energy
LLIBTA session 3

Highlights from LLIBTA 2005
Honolulu, Hawaii, June 2005

Michel Broussely, Scientific Director, Specialty Battery Group, Saft France, delivers the LLIBTA keynote address. Daniel Doughty, Manager of Lithium Battery R&D Department, Sandia National Laboratories, sets the stage for the Li Ion battery safety discussion.

Two top battery modelers in discussion: Bob Spotnitz ofBattery Design Company and Ralph White of University of South Carolina. Bill Casteel, Lead Research Scientist, Corporate Science and Technology Center, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.,introduces their new electrolyte.

Martin Winter, Professor at the Institute for Chemistry & Technology of Inorganic Materials, Graz University of Technology, Austria, discusses anode stability. Poster session.