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AABC 2015 Europe. Exhibitors

Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium
The Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC) is an international research and development consortium dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of the lead-acid battery to ensure its competitiveness in various energy read more

Arbin Instruments
Arbin is the leading global supplier of multi-channeled potentiostat/galvanostat testing systems for every energy storage device application. This includes materials research, batteries, capacitors, x-EVs, flow read more

Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne’s battery research supports every aspect of a battery. The research cycle moves technology from basic materials research to prototype modeling to materials scale-up for manufacturing in volume. Argonne is home read more

AVL List GmbH
AVL is the world's largest independent company for development, simulation and testing technology of powertrains (hybrid, combustion engines, transmission, electric drive, batteries and software) for passenger cars, read more

BaSyTec GmbH
Battery Test Systems with the powerful, flexible and comfortable software. Full product range from material probes to MW  

Chroma ATE Europe BV
Chroma is an leading instrument manufacturer in Power Related Test Solutions. We are specialised in programmable AC&DC Power Sources, AC&DC Electronic Loads, Electrical Safety Testers, Component Testers and read more

Custom Cells Itzehoe GmbH
Special applications are standard for us.       
Custom Cells Itzehoe GmbH (CCI) produces electrode foils, rechargeable accumulators and battery systems to operate on multifaceted and read more

EL-CELL supplies scientists and industrial researchers with lab-scale electrochemical equipment for battery electrode manufacturing and testing, such as test cells, dilatometers, tools, spare parts and consumables. The read more

FuelCon AG
Technology, which always knows the ideal method to use: These are our testing, assembling and diagnostic systems for fuel cells and batteries. Innovative engineering made in Germany, based on years of experience in read more

HEL, Ltd.
HEL provides calorimetry instruments for measurement of heat generated both under thermal runaway conditions (ARC-type device) and under controlled, isothermal operation. The data can be used to assess safety limits read more

JSR Micro N.V.
With its innovative Lithium Ion Capacitor ULTIMO™ and aqueous binders for battery manufacturing, JSR MICRO NV is very driven to make a difference in the energy and environment market. Both technologies support efficient read more

Maccor, Inc.
Maccor manufactures testing equipment for the battery and energy storage market (i.e. batteries, capacitors, fuel cells, etc.). Maccor Inc. was the pioneer, and is the world’s largest commercial manufacturer for this read more

Magna Steyr
Over 100 years of experience in vehicle production and a broad range of services make Magna Steyr the worldwide leading brand-independent engineering and manufacturing partner for OEMs.
Our extensive range of services read more

Manz AG
Manz AG based in Reutlingen, Germany, is a world-leading high-tech engineering company.
Founded in 1987, Manz has developed into a supplier of production lines and amassed expertise in six areas of technology, including read more

Maxwell Technologies
Maxwell is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative, cost-effective energy storage and power delivery solutions. Our ultracapacitor products provide safe and reliable power solutions for applications in read more

MEET Battery Research Center
MEET (Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology) comprises an international team of around 150 scientists, engineers and technicians working on research and development of innovative electrochemical energy storage read more

NETZSCH‑Gerätebau GmbH
The NETZSCH Group is a mid-sized, family-owned German company engaging in the manufacture of machinery and instrumentation with worldwide production, sales, and service branches.
The three Business Units – Analyzing &read more

Nogamigiken Co., Ltd.
Applying the knowhow in precision blade manufacturing and in-house mass-production presses it has accumulated during the twenty years since its establishment, Nogamigiken Co., Ltd. is enga zged in the design and read more

OBRIST Powertrain GmbH
Obrist Powertrain is an Austrian technology company that is focused entirely on hybrid power-train technology and on control systems for electrified vehicles. Obrist Powertrain‘s technologies can be combined with read more

OEM Battery Pavilion
Sponsored by AVL, AABC Europe’s OEM battery pavilion is a first of its kind worldwide!
Visit the pavilion and view actual batteries or battery mock-ups of the following read more

PEC delivers the building blocks for the development and manufacturing of large format cells, modules and battery packs for automotive, aerospace and defense applications.
PEC’s offerings include R&D test equipment read more

Saueressig GmbH + Co. KG
Saueressig, headquartered in Vreden (Germany), is part of the international Matthews Brand Solutions group. With its innovativeness and know-how the company strives for creative, customer-tailored and cost-efficient read more

Scienlab Electronic Systems GmbH
Scienlab offers test environments for industrial products as well as for electrified drive train components for electric and hybrid vehicles. This includes customer-specific test systems for energy storage devices, read more

Sendyne develops advanced modeling and simulation tools as well as key semiconductor components for battery system management and design.  

Shmuel De-Leon Energy
Shmuel De-Leon Energy Ltd. is a leading company in the field of power sources knowledge.
The company provides comprehensive collection of power sources knowledge read more

SoLith of Sovema Spa
SoLith is a Division of Sovema spa dedicated to engineering and manufacturing of Equipment for Lithium-ion and double layer capacitors production equipment.
Solith equipment include winders and stackers, electrode read more

Technische Universität München
Technische Universität München (TUM) is one of Europe’s top universities. It is committed to excellence in research and teaching, interdisciplinary education and the active promotion of promising young scientists. The read more

Thermal Hazard Technology
Thermal Hazard Technology, a world leader in battery calorimetry and heat measurement, has a product range to meet the evolving requirements of the EV lithium battery market. As well as the Accelerating Rate Calorimeter read more

The Battery Show
The Battery Show 2015 will return to Novi, MI, USA on September 15-17, and will be once again co-locating with Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, bringing the entire supply chain under one roof. Together, read more

Wildcat Discovery Technologies
Wildcat Discovery Technologies (Wildcat) uses proprietary high throughput technology to accelerate battery R&D. This massively parallel technique enables our scientists to investigate hundreds of materials in the read more