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Monday, February 3 and Wednesday, February 5, 2014

AABC 2014. Tutorial A: EC Capacitor Fundamentals


Tutorial A:

EC Capacitor Fundamentals


Francois Beguin
Presented by:
François Béguin, Professor, Poznan University of Technology


François Béguin is Professor at Poznan University of Technology (Poland), where he leads a research group working on energy-storage systems (supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries). He is especially interested in the application of carbon materials to these systems, and he develops new processes to control the porosity and surface functionality of carbons. In the case of supercapacitors, his recent activities are dedicated to asymmetric and hybrid capacitors and to environment-friendly systems. In 2013, he edited a book entitled “Supercapacitors: materials,systems and applications”.


  • Introduction on Electrochemical Capacitors (ECs)
  • General Properties of Electrical Double-Layer Capacitors (EDLCs)
  • Electrochemical Techniques
    • Cyclic Voltammetry
    • Galvanostatic Cycling
    • Electrochemical Impedance Ppectroscopy
  • Electrolytes for ECs (Aqueous Media, Organic Electrolytes, Ionic Liquids)
  • Carbons for EDLCs – Effect of Carbon Structure and Porous Texture on EDLC Performance
    • Ion Sieving
    • Ion Desolvation
    • Pore Saturation
    • Distortion, Insertion/Intercalation and Trapping of Ions
  • Pseudo-Capacitive Contributions
    • Materials for Pseudo-capacitors (Metal Oxides, Conducting Polymers, Heteroatom Doped Carbons, Carbons Grafted with Redox Functionalities)
    • Electrosorbed Hydrogen
    • Carbon/redox Couple Interface
  • Asymmetric Capacitors
  • Hybrid Capacitors
  • Conclusions