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AABTAM Symposium
Advanced Automotive Battery Technology, Application and Market
Wednesday, June 20 to Friday June 22, 2012

AABC Europe 2012. AABTAM Symposium 2012 - Overview

Menahem Anderman
Session 1: Market Development of Electrified Vehicles and Advanced Batteries

Session Chairman:
Menahem Anderman, President, Advanced Automotive Batteries

The advanced-vehicle industry is in flux. As low-cost micro-hybrid vehicles become part of the main-stream European car offerings and the strong, moderate, and mild-hybrid markets expand, automakers are accelerating the development of costly electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles—with uncertain market prospects. This session sifted through the proposed advanced vehicles and discussed the likely direction of the market and its effect on the advanced automotive battery industry.

Eckhard Karden
Session 2: Energy Storage for Micro-Hybrids

Session Chairman:
Eckhard Karden, Technical Expert, Ford Research Aachen

With the continuous introduction of micro-hybrids as a standard design in several European models, the momentum to expand commercialization of these vehicles in Europe is intensifying. In this session, automakers presented vehicle development and energy-storage requirements for micro-hybrids and energy-storage developers explored the latest achievements in meeting the requirements of micro-hybrid architectures.

Matthias Ullrich
Session 3: Advances in Battery Performance for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Session Chairman:
Matthias Ullrich, Manager Advanced Battery Technology, Volkswagen AG

In this session, major automakers as well as Li-Ion cell and pack developers discussed various cell and pack designs and performance for each of the x-EV architectures with emphasis on life, safety, and cost-performance trade-offs.

Bertrand Largy
Session 4: Battery Pack Engineering for Automotive Applications

Session Chairman:
Bertrand Largy
, Responsable service métiers du GMP électrique, Renault

Electrical management is crucial to ensure the reliability and safety of automotive batteries in the field. In this session, developers of battery-management electronics and pack integration hardware reviewed the requirements, challenges, and solutions for a cost-effective integration of energy-storage packs into electrified vehicles.

Robert Spotnitz
Session 5: Computer Simulations to Aid Automotive Battery Design and Performance Prediction

Session Chairman:
Robert Spotnitz,
President, Battery Design LLC

Computer simulation is a powerful tool in vehicle and battery design, including the electrical, thermal, and mechanical aspects, and life, safety, and reliability simulation. This session explored the major features of battery modeling software and its application to electrical and thermal battery design and life estimation with the aim of improving design while reducing validation time and cost.