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Tutorials & International Battery Modeling Workshop
Monday January 24, 2011

Advanced Automotive Battery Conferences

AABC 2011 - Tutorials & International Battery Modeling Workshop

Tutorial A
Large Lithium-Ion Battery Design Principles

Tutorial B
Introduction into Lithium Battery Materials

Tutorial C
Developing Grid-Ready Utility-Scale Battery Systems

International Battery Modeling Workshop

Workshop Session 1
Software Tools for Battery Modeling

Workshop Session 2
Application of Battery Modeling


Workshop Session 1:
Software Tools for Battery Modeling

This session will review the major software tools available for battery modeling. The leading software providers will give presentations describing the capabilities of their tools, the major features, and examples of the use of the software.

Robert SpotnitzPresented by:
Dr. Robert Spotnitz, President, Battery Design Company

Dr. Robert Spotnitz, Battery Design Company
Bob Spotnitz is a leading developer of mathematical models that simulate battery operation. Dr. Spotnitz, who previously held several senior technical positions in materials and battery development, founded Battery Design in 1999 to develop custom software for battery developers and users.

  1. Developing Batteries with Battery Design Studio
    Bob Spotnitz, President, Battery Design LLC
  2. Battery Simulation Technology
    Steve Hartridge, Director, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles, CD-Adapco
  3. Computer-Aided Engineering for Battery Mechatronics
    Mary Fortier, Engineering Group Manager, Battery CAE & Optimization, Battery Systems Engineering, General Motors LLC
  4. High-Fidelity Simulations of Batteries and Fuel Cells
    Henrik Ekstroem, Product Specialist, Comsol, Inc.