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AABTAM Symposium
Advanced Automotive Battery Technology, Application and Market
Wednesday, February 8 to Friday February 10, 2012

AABC 2012. AABTAM Symposium: Advanced Automotive Battery Technology, Application and Market - Session 5

Session 5:
Battery Technology for Heavy-Duty and Commercial Hybrids

Commercial and heavy-duty vehicles entail additional challenges but also unique opportunities for vehicle hybridization and electrification. In this session we will review progress with the electrification of larger and specialty vehicles and analyze current and proposed energy-storage solutions for these vehicles.

Kevin D. Beaty
Session Chairman:
Kevin D. Beaty, Manager, Global Operations and Strategic Sourcing Hybrid Power Systems Division, Eaton Corporation

Mr. Beaty joined Eaton Corporation as Business Unit Manager – Hybrid Electric Powertrains in March 2000 to lead the development and commercialization of Eaton's hybrid electric business. Prior to joining Eaton, he held positions of Research Engineer, Senior Research Engineer, Group Leader and Manager with Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in the Engine, Fuel, and Vehicle Research Division. While at SwRI, Mr. Beaty conducted engine R&D projects for the government and industry clients primarily focused on alternative fuels, energy efficiency, and emissions reductions. After leaving SwRI, he converted vehicles to natural gas (CNG) as Vice President of Vehicle Operations (start-up Natural Fuels Corporation) and developed advanced CNG/LNG engine control systems for commercial vehicles as Business Unit Manager and Director (Woodward Governor Company).

  1. Session Introduction
    Kevin Beaty, Manager, Global Operations and Strategic sourcing Hybrid Power Systems Division, Eaton Corporation
  2. Battery Systems for Navistar HEVs / EVs / PHEVs
    Brian Conway, Electrical Energy Storage Functional Expert, Navistar
  3. Battery Packs Systems for Chinese Electric Buses
    Denise Gray, Vice President, Atieva Inc.
  4. Battery Financing for Fleet Electric Vehicles
    Jeff Kessen, Director, Global Marketing, A123 Systems
  5. Traction Battery Requirements and Solutions for Trams
    Michael Meinert, Head of Energy Storage Systems, Siemens AG
  6. Battery R&D Efforts of SK Innovation for xEV Applications
    Myounggu Park, Manager, Advanced Battery Development, SK Innovation, Co., Ltd.