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AABTAM Symposium
Advanced Automotive Battery Technology, Application and Market
Wednesday, June 20 to Friday June 22, 2012

AABC Europe 2012. AABTAM Symposium: Advanced Automotive Battery Technology, Application and Market - Session 5

Session 5:
Computer Simulations to Aid Automotive Battery Design and Performance Prediction

Computer simulation is a powerful tool in vehicle and battery design, including the electrical, thermal, and mechanical aspects, and life, safety, and reliability simulation. This session will discuss the major features of battery modeling software and its application to electrical and thermal battery design and life estimation with the aim of improving design while reducing validation time and cost.

Robert Spotnitz

Session Chairman:
Robert Spotnitz,
President, Battery Design LLC

Dr. Spotnitz is a leading developer of mathematical models that simulate battery operation. Dr. Spotnitz, who previously held several senior technical positions in materials and battery development, founded Battery Design in 1999 to provide consulting and develop custom software for battery developers and users. He is a well-known speaker on various aspects of battery engineering.

  1. Development and Validation of a Thermal Simulation Model for Li-Ion Batteries in HEVs/PEVs
    Jenny Kremser, Project Manager and Research Scientist, ASCS - Automotive Simulation Center Stuttgart e.V
  2. Full 3D Modelling and Simulation of Li-Ion Battery Cells with BEST (Battery and Electrochemistry Simulation Tool)
    Arnulf Latz, Senior Scientist, Fraunhofer Institute
  3. From Battery Modeling to Battery Management
    Peter Notten, Professor, Energy Materials and Devices Group, Eindhoven University of Technology
  4. Analysis of the Polarization in a Li-Ion Battery Cell by Model Simulations
    Mårten Behm, Researcher and Teacher, School of Chemical Science and Technology, Applied Electrochemistry, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology
  5. Mechanical Modeling of Li-ion Batteries for Short Circuit Detection
    Tomasz Wierzbicki, Professor and Director, Impact and Crashworthiness Lab., MIT